The girl in glasses puts on her makeup and hurry up and sweat

u003cbru003eThe May Day holiday is here. Have you embarked on a journey in the office? As a four-eyed girl, she wears contact lenses every time she goes out to play, because the frame glasses are too soiled and affect the image! This is a good time to go out beautifully! But I have to wear contact lenses all day when I go out, and my eyes are often dry in the afternoon, which seriously affects my travel. So, can you be beautiful with glasses?-Of course! As long as you choose the right glasses and master the makeup skills, you can also be successful. Why is the celebrity's eye makeup so beautiful with glasses? What about the aura? For example, our American princess Anne, really made a perfect reference for girls wearing glasses. In Anne Hathaway in the movie 'One DayIf you want to wear glasses out of style, you must first clean your makeup. Refreshing eye makeup and thick eyebrows can make the black-rimmed glasses look more delicate, and the long hair is good to tie up! Emma plays both the schoolmaster and the strong woman very well. Wearing the glasses, she is not only like a nerd The same dull, but also very bold. If you want to make your makeup look magnificent, you can't use too strong colors. Especially when wearing glasses, false eyelashes are really over, and they are not mainstream in an instant. When brushing your eyelashes, you should pay attention to the natural roots, not clumps, let alone non-mainstream fly legs. Brushing too thick eyelashes will only make your eyes feel messy, especially when you look through the lens, it feels very dirty. The eyeliner should be thin and long. Regardless of whether it is double eyelid or single eyelid, the quick way to make your eyes look bright is eyeliner. You can use liquid eyeliner or a softer eyeliner to draw the eyeliner from the root of the eyelashes. Clear lines can make the eyes bigger. The reflective effect of the spectacle lens will also weaken the traces of the eyeliner. Sagawa Fujii 74188C176 casual sheet full frame size unisex tortoiseshell glasses eye shadow color matching is very important. Don't choose too eye-catching colors, they will aggravate the feeling of convex eyes. Brown and dark purple are both safe choices. After that, your makeup should match your glasses, and your glasses should help you better interpret your makeup. Don’t make people feel that your glasses are too much, but it’s blended with your makeup. One. Related reading: beautiful glasses frame glasses frame
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