The key to choosing the right sunglasses

u003cbru003e1. Frame 1. In most cases, our frame has a natural and smooth curvature. But life needs innovation. It would be very innovative if you can design some special shapes for the curve of the frame. Girls with imperfect faces can even use this to conceal yourself. 2. Some rhinestones on the frame are also good decoration. The position of the rhinestones is good, and the extension of the frame can be used to shrink the entire face to a certain extent. Wearing a silver necklace will echo the rhinestones and will be more perfect. 3. The white frame will become popular this year. White can clearly outline the outline of the glasses, the design is simple and the pen point is neat. Wear black and white clothes. 4. It is not common for the color of the frame to use yellow or green, but it should be rare, so it stands out. And it can bring a little coolness to the hot summer. The clothes are candy-colored, which can show your innocence and loveliness. 5. How to choose when the color of the frame and the lens are the same? It can make the frame brighter in color, so as to draw a clear line, not to hinder the overall harmony and avoid chaos. Second, the lens 6. The shape of the lens is closely related to the shape of the face. People with long faces are suitable for choosing a flat and wide rectangular frame, which can visually improve the aspect ratio of your face. 7. The more angular face is more suitable for wearing square sunglasses. Can highlight your sense of silhouette. But this kind of sunglasses is a forbidden area for people with square faces. 8. If you think your face is a cute round face, the master mirror will suit you very well. It will also add a bit of playful and alternative flavor to you. 9. For the face of melon seeds, you can choose from many shapes of glasses. But the small lens and the longer shape will highlight your natural advantages. 10. Da Hei Chao has been popular since last year, and it is still not outdated this year. Girls with big faces can try. The color is not necessarily limited to black. 11. Gradient colors have flown from the catwalk to the homes of ordinary people this year. The eyes can also incorporate this well-behaved element. But it is more suitable for use when the light is not too strong.
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