The role and use of myopia sunglasses clip

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-03-26
u003cbru003eSunglass clip is a polarized sunglasses specially designed for nearsighted people, which effectively prevents glare and ultraviolet rays. Especially suitable for outdoor sports such as driving, outdoor and fishing. Using polarized lens technology, the visual resolution is greatly improved. Eliminate 99% of reflected light and scattered light, making your vision clearer and smoother. The lens is specially strengthened with a film, which is effective in resistance to abrasion, scratch and impact. Recommended reading: Sunglasses knows how much sunglasses clips should be made of seven layers of different special materials, each layer of lens has its own function. The polarization angle and radian of the lens are designed according to the principle of precision optics. The wearer will never have the distorted and dizzy feeling like imitations! Each lens is strengthened by the original factory, resistant to scratches, deformation and breakage. It can be used safely for a long time without changing the performance! The production and quality of the sunglasses clip glasses frame are professionally designed and supervised, and they are comfortable and durable to wear. clip is a clip or set of lenses designed to extend on the basis of the frame. It is often seen on the road that many people’s glasses also have a pair of sunglasses clips that can be flipped up and down. When you are under the sun, you only need to flip down the sunglasses clip to cover the myopia lens, which plays a role of sun protection. When walking under the sun, the sunglasses lens is fixed on the myopia glasses frame, and others look like they are wearing a pair of sunglasses; walking indoors, as long as you take off the sunglasses lens, you are a pair of myopia glasses. This is called a 'mirror set'. There are also three styles for fixing the sunglasses. One is to directly attract both sides of the frame with magnets, and the other is to directly design the magnetic connection point in the nose bridge of the frame. The other is stuck on the frame. In addition to ordinary sunglasses, there is also a kind of lens with polarized lens. For women who don't like sunglasses clips, it is recommended that you buy sunglasses directly. There are also sunglasses that specialize in optometry. The following editor will talk about the steps of using the clip 1. First pinch the spring button of the clip to open the clip. 2. Pinch the spring clip to the middle of the nose bridge of the glasses and clamp it from top to bottom. 3. The glasses have been clamped by the clip, and the position has been adjusted. The above is that the steps to use the clip are very simple, and the clip can be selected according to the style of glasses you wear.
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