The star teaches you how to hold round frame sunglasses

u003cbru003eThe round sunglasses that were popular in the 70s have returned. Brands such as Elizabeth and James, The Row, Marc by Marc Jacobs and other brands have launched round sunglasses. I'm afraid I can't control it, and I'm even more afraid that I won't match it? Let the celebrity master hand teach you! In the magazine cover blockbuster, Wu Yifan wears a red suit, gray hair and Coterie's silver metal frame round sunglasses, so cool and cool . Dakota Fanning wore round metal frame sunglasses in a set of cover shots for Nylon this year, permeating the retro feel of the 60s and 70s. Whether it's a simple black T or a sexy low-cut skirt, with a pair of sunglasses like this, you can make you trendy and look back. Black and white classic matching, with such a pair of cool and hippy round sunglasses, is it full of aura? In the photo, Fan Bingbing is wearing a large round frame mirror reflective sunglasses, because the sunglasses are very large, almost covering She missed most of her face, but it looked very cool and full of stars. The picture comes from the Internet, if you need to delete it, please contact Related reading: Fashion Sunglasses
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