There are ways to choose myopia sunglasses

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-05-16
u003cbru003eSummer comes, the sun has become violent, and many people like to wear sunglasses, so that you can block the sun and protect your eyes, and you can also increase your fashion. People with myopia can also wear fashionable sunglasses, but how should they choose? Here is some information about myopia sunglasses. Recommended reading: How to choose the best sunglasses. Myopia sunglasses are derived from earlier dyed films, which are processed and dyed by putting resin lenses in a dyeing solution at 80-90℃. The advantage of the dyed film is that it is easy to wear and beautiful, with many styles, and the lens color can be selected. The disadvantage is that the dyed film generally needs to be customized and cannot be taken immediately. At the same time, there are certain requirements for the degree of myopia and the curvature of the sunglasses. With the development of technology, myopic sunglasses now overcome the limitations of early dyed films. Although it still needs to be customized, the degree and base curve requirements have changed a lot, and polarized sunglasses for myopia have also been developed. The appearance of myopia sunglasses is very similar to ordinary sunglasses, beautiful and fashionable, suitable for travel and travel. How to choose myopia sunglasses: 1. The frame of myopia sunglasses should be too small. Choose two sunglasses with a smaller polarizing lens circle, so that the myopia sunglasses are more beautiful and lighter. Usually we wear them Sunglasses are on the one hand to prevent myopia and UV protection, on the other hand, they must be comfortable to wear. Whether they are comfortable to wear is closely related to the weight of myopic sunglasses. 2. The pile head of myopia sunglasses is best to be screw-locked. General myopia sunglasses are made of competition frames, but the resulting myopia effects are not good, because when the lens is put into the sunglasses frame, it will produce a diamond degree. It is prone to dizziness and vomiting when wearing it. Therefore, when buying polarized lenses for myopia sunglasses, it is best to choose a polarized lens with screw-locked pile head sunglasses. 3. The material of the glasses is best to be plate TR or metal myopic sunglasses. The color of TR sunglasses is relatively bright and fashionable, which makes the clothing more versatile. The polarized lenses of myopic sunglasses made of this material will be more beautiful and equipped with It is also comfortable to wear. 4. Myopic sunglasses with too large curvature do not consider that the curvature of many myopic sunglasses is relatively large. Such polarized lenses are also unsightly. Because the lenses are relatively thick, they are prone to dizziness when worn. Myopia sunglasses will be fitted with sunglasses based on everyone's myopia degree. This will not only allow my myopic friends to see more clearly, but also protect the eyes from direct sunlight damage, suitable for outdoor work and play.
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