Three new sunglasses with design features


Nowadays, we pay attention to individuality and characteristics in both dressing and personality characteristics. Sunglasses are no exception. Only highly distinctive things can attract people’s attention and attract people’s attention. Let’s take a look at three great designs. Featured new sunglasses. 1. In 2017, the artistic hollow design of Prada Tapestry color matching sunglasses gave the glasses a distinctive look and feel. At the junction of the frame and the lens, the hollow structure was made through exquisite craftsmanship, and the glasses themselves were cleverly produced. The multi-layered sense of space, whether it is the frame or the frame, has been artistically hollowed out and pushed to a more aesthetic design dimension. The right color collocation creates avant-garde styling with a sense of drama and deduction of different finishing touches. Recommended reading: How to buy sunglasses The new Prada Tapestry special series sunglasses once shined in the brand's 2017 autumn and winter women's fashion show, which perfectly echoes the theme elements of this season's clothing. Exquisite and unique frame, hand-inlaid velvet inlays embellish the lines of the frame and temples, which is the best choice for expressing fashion personality. These velvet inlays are rich in color, and the patterns present a wonderful visual illusion effect, and are carefully crafted by a special production process. The color selection is based on vibrant velvet tones, including light blue, purple, fuchsia, deep cherry red, camel and black. Embellished with Prada letter logo 2, Miu Miu (Miu Miu) 2017 Scenique Evolution wine red sunglasses Miu Miu Scenique Evolution series launched a new sunglasses style, to show the brand's vigorous design vitality. The smooth metal lines outline a feminine cat-eye-shaped frame, and are inlaid with soft round lenses. Provides a variety of color options: the lenses can choose charcoal gray lake blue, charcoal gray mirror dark chocolate, shiny purple, mirror dark chocolate; the colors of the metal frame include black, retro pink, shiny peach pink and deep red. Embellished with carved Miu Miu letter logo. 3. Prada (Prada) In 2017, Ornate metal round frame sunglasses Prada launched a new Ornate all-metal glasses series, with precious ornaments as original inspiration and faithful reproduction. The oversized round frameless flat lens with soft and delicate lines is embellished with dazzling crystals and chic and novel plate inlays. The temples adhere to the minimalist design concept, in sharp contrast with the gorgeous front frame. The plate inlays of this glasses are available in colors: medium tortoiseshell and off-white tortoiseshell. With blue mirror, gray, dark gray bean paste color lenses, embellished with carved Prada logo. Recommended reading: The seven elements you must know when buying sunglasses are the introduction of three new styles of unique sunglasses. If you want to know more about sunglasses, you can check it out. Related Reading: Sunglasses Trendy Brand Sunglasses
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