Three steps to buy brand-name sunglasses

u003cbru003eAs people's income levels increase, many people are increasingly chasing sunglasses brands when buying sunglasses. As a result, many businesses began to produce some counterfeit brand sunglasses as genuine products for high-priced sales and profit from them. As a consumer, how can we choose genuine brand-name sunglasses among the numerous products? Next, follow the editor to learn how to identify genuine brand-name sunglasses. The first step: look at the buyer's product code. Real brand-name sunglasses have their own product code and color code, which are specially set by regular manufacturers for each sunglasses. General brand-name sunglasses will have a logo like /s, oz behind the code and code. Everyone can use this method to simply identify when buying. Step 2: Look at the manufacturer of the certificate. There will be some famous manufacturers on the certificate of real brand-name sunglasses. For example, Safilo Group in Italy is the world's largest manufacturer. Therefore, when you buy brand-name sunglasses, you must look at the manufacturer before buying. If not, it must be fake, because ordinary optical shops dare to forge a manufacturer's logo. Step 3: Look at the packaging and accessories of the product. Genuine sunglasses should have the qualification certificate of the manufacturer’s general agent, manufacturer’s instructions, etc. When buying, you must first look at these things, and then compare the quality of the sunglasses before making a decision. Warm reminder: Many businesses will use the consumer psychology of 'expensive is good' to sell counterfeit goods. Therefore, when buying genuine sunglasses, you must go to a regular store to purchase, so that they are available in quality and in all aspects. Guaranteed.
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