Toad Mirror The classic model in sunglasses

u003cbru003eSome people say that fashion is always like a willful child, and no one knows what it will become tomorrow. Some trends will go by over time, and some will gradually settle and create classics. As far as sunglasses are concerned, toad mirrors are undoubtedly the classic styles in various series. No matter how the style of the sunglasses series changes, it seems that every brand will reserve a place for toad mirrors in its own sunglasses category. For example, from a design perspective, no matter what elements are integrated, the classic model and the iconic double beam make it always talked about by fans of 'Toad Mirror'. The frog mirror is also called the aviator mirror. It has long been worn by pilots when flying. Because of its exaggerated shape, it is jokingly called the frog mirror. Nowadays, no matter celebrities or fashionistas, almost everyone has a hand. Cool, retro, stylish, and elegant, you can always find these feelings on the toad mirror. In the past, toad mirrors have always been considered exclusive to men. Nowadays, women wearing suitable toad mirrors are constantly dazzling and will be particularly cute. Glasses experts remind you: a toad mirror with personality is not suitable for everyone. Generally speaking, men with tall noses have good results. And women with small faces and tall noses can also try it.
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