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u003cbru003eMost people wear glasses to see things clearly, but fashionable people wear glasses to attract attention. According to the reporter's understanding, there is a trend of non-lens glasses among young people. Exaggerated sheet metal frames and various contact lenses have become the main trend this year. Lensless glasses are powerful. Xiao Wang is 29 years old and is the manager of an art gallery. She has three pairs of non-lens glasses and wears contact lenses to correct her myopia. Xiao Wang told reporters: 'This kind of glasses has many practical uses.' For example, when she doesn't have time to put on makeup early in the morning to face her colleagues, she puts on a pair of lensless glasses. She said, 'Those black Eye rims are terrible, I try to find a way to cover them, and non-lens glasses are my good helper.' In addition, people who have worn glasses will experience the fogging of glasses, which is very detrimental to the image, but non-lens glasses are Will not fog, and will not blur the wearer's vision. Moreover, non-lens glasses will not have mirror reflections and scratches on false eyelashes. Xiao Wang believes that many TV presenters wear lensless glasses, and many of my friends do too. She thinks this is a trendy thing. Therefore, she wears these glasses to follow the fashion and also to look more mature or more mature. Young, it depends on her mood. Good quality and low price Popular with most people, no one would have expected that spectacle frames will 'abandon' lenses and enter the field of fashion alone. Every hipster who wears non-lens spectacle frames will choose a reason that suits them to explain why they wear it, but in the final analysis, either I follow the fashion people and follow the trend; or they feel that they are wearing them, highlighting their personality, and hipster Full of style. The recently hit TV series 'The Gang of Men' has become a fashion conference for non-lens glasses, which has undoubtedly contributed to the craze for non-lens glasses. It is understood that many trendy people will order two pairs of glasses at the same time: in addition to buying a set of contact lenses, they will also choose glasses without lenses to match. So, how to choose lensless glasses to match the trend? First of all, wearing contact lenses is the basic choice, pure black and green are more popular. After purchasing contact lenses, choose the right non-lens glasses for your face. Black, tortoiseshell, bright colors, and exaggerated design and large plastic frame are more popular. At present, in the glasses market, a pair of ordinary non-lens glasses only costs tens to hundreds of yuan, and you can easily make a big change for yourself. Article source: Internet article collation:
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