Uses of hiking sunglasses

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-04-21
u003cbru003eSunglasses are essential equipment for mountaineers to protect their eyes. Most mountain climbers climb high mountains above four or five kilometers. The sunlight contains a lot of infrared and ultraviolet rays that are invisible to human eyes. The stronger the sun, the more infrared and ultraviolet rays, and the reflection of ice and snow will burn the eyes. If it is irradiated directly on the retina of the eye without shielding, it will burn the visual cells of the retina, causing slight loss of vision, and severe blindness, which is medically called snow blindness. Recommended reading: Why do you wear sunglasses for mountaineering? Sunglasses worn by mountaineers, the lens glass contains the chemical drugs iron oxide and cobalt oxide that can absorb infrared and ultraviolet rays. These two compounds are added to the glass raw materials to become special glasses for making sunglasses for mountain climbers. Polarized lenses (Polarized lenses) Polarized lenses can filter out the light taken in in certain directions, thereby reducing the light entering the eyes. When buying a polarized lens, the store generally provides a picture, only with a polarized lens. See the picture on the screen. Photochromic lenses can automatically adjust the brightness according to the intensity of light. When the light is strong, the color of the lens will become darker, and when the light is weak, the color of the lens will become lighter. Polarizers and color-changing lenses represent advanced sunglasses technology, and good sunglasses will have the shadow of these two technologies. Other characteristics Mountain climbing always faces various harsh climates, so there are special requirements for sunglasses. In addition to the high level of protection required for the lens of sunglasses, other aspects of sunglasses are also very important. Anti-fog, no one wants to take a few steps to cast a layer of fog on their sunglasses. High-quality lenses have this function. You also need to be careful when wiping with practical frames. Well-designed sunglasses will surely hook up well. Your ears do not make you uncomfortable, because it is easy to lose the good fit of the sunglasses during intense climbing. Good sunglasses will be designed with a baffle to fit the climber's face as much as possible to block sunlight from all directions. ??
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