Wear sunglasses carefully in summer

u003cbru003eIn summer, the direct sunlight of the sun on the northern hemisphere is much stronger than in winter. Sunlight affects people's sight, especially around noon when the sun is scorching, and people wear sunglasses when walking or cycling. Some people think that the darker the sunglasses, the more they can protect the eyes. In fact, this view is wrong. Too dark lenses will seriously affect the visibility, and the eyes are easily damaged due to the difficulty of seeing things. Therefore, dark sunglasses cannot protect the eyes. Experts suggest that the criteria for choosing sunglasses in summer is: the lens should be able to pass through 30% of the visible light, preferably gray and green, so that not only can resist ultraviolet radiation, but also have good visibility and small changes in the color of external objects. . Pay attention to the following aspects when buying sunglasses: ■Hangtag This small brand is often overlooked. In fact, in addition to telling you the origin of the glasses, the tag also hides a lot of useful information, such as whether the glasses you buy are sunglasses or light-colored glasses, resin lenses or acrylic. ■Lens A simple way to distinguish the quality of the lens is to shake the glasses back and forth in front of your eyes to see if the object moves with the lens. If it is, it means that the lens is not flat and has unevenness and is a substandard lens. Of course, this is for flat glasses, if it is myopic sunglasses, this trick is not very accurate. ■In addition to leisure and entertainment, if the color is really for UV protection, it is better to buy Ray-Ban gray, Ray-Ban green, blue-gray sunglasses with real sun-shading lenses, because these relatively soft colors are looking at nature It will not change color at times, which is especially suitable for car owners, because it will not affect their discrimination of traffic signals such as traffic lights. ■UV index For sunglasses, the UV index is the filtering effect of ultraviolet rays, which is a very important standard. At present, the UV index of most sunglasses is between 96% and 98%. Dark lenses are better than light lenses. . Generally speaking, a 100% UV index is unlikely. If a manufacturer claims that its sunglasses have a good UV filter effect, then his bull can be a bit exaggerated.
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