Wearing red sunglasses is prone to cataracts

u003cbru003eIn recent years, the cataract patients received by the ophthalmology clinic have shown a trend of getting younger, and every summer is a high incidence period of the disease. The reason may be caused by sunglasses. Experts explained that the human body has an instinctive response to self-protection. When the eyes are exposed to strong light, the pupils will naturally shrink, and the intensity of the ultraviolet rays passing through will also be weakened. Although sunglasses do not have the effect of isolating ultraviolet rays, the pupils shrink much less because of the weak light after wearing them. At this time, in the face of the 'invasion' of ultraviolet rays, the eyes are wide open, and the damage can be imagined. In clinical practice, some patients often cause cataracts and other related diseases because of wearing inappropriate or inferior sunglasses. Therefore, you should choose sunglasses produced by regular manufacturers. The color can choose medium-deep green, gray, brown, etc., instead of red, because red lenses have poor absorption of ultraviolet rays and cannot protect eyes. In the past, the age of onset of cataract was 50-60 years old. In recent years, surveys have shown that the proportion of patients aged 30-40 is gradually increasing. The total number of young patients is increasing at a rate of about 10% per year. Cataracts are no longer the patent of the elderly. According to experts, young people still have problems such as high work pressure, long-term work at the desk in front of the computer, and frequent use of mobile phones, which will cause the incidence of cataracts to show a younger trend. It should be noted that the early symptoms of cataracts are not just a decrease in vision. Smaller visual field, poor stereo vision, decreased color resolution, aberrations, decreased reading speed, and decreased eye adaptability may all be related to early cataracts. . 'Once a cataract is diagnosed, the sooner the operation, the better.
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