Wearing sunglasses for kids can’t just pretend to be cool

u003cbru003eFor many people, the decorative function of sunglasses is greater than the practical function. It cannot be said that the concept is wrong, but the needs are different. But you can’t just wear sunglasses for kids to be cool. The child’s eyes are not fully developed, and serious injuries may result if they are not taken care of. Sunglasses are undoubtedly blocking the sun. In addition to blocking the sun, it also has an important function to block ultraviolet rays. The damage to the eyes in the sun mainly comes from the ultraviolet and blue light with high energy value. Both can cause many damages to the eyes, including keratitis, cataracts, conjunctival macula and so on. Although most of these are curable, chronic keratitis caused by continuous or multiple injuries may cause permanent damage to the eyes. This type of damage is common in children who are growing up and have insufficient self-protection awareness. YC9708 Universal Sunglasses C7 Black Frame Silver Legs/Lens Gray. What needs to be said is that the source of ultraviolet rays is not only the sky and the sun, but also the reflection of the ground and water, welding torches, photography lamps, tanning boxes of beauty shops, and ultraviolet lamps. These are all possible. Will hurt the eyes. Snow blindness is notorious because snow reflects more than 90% of ultraviolet rays. The grass is better, beaches, stones, and water surfaces will reflect a lot of ultraviolet light. Children’s eyes are more transparent than adults, and ultraviolet rays can reach the child’s retina more easily. Therefore, a pair of sunglasses is necessary for children to go out and play. However, some parents think too much about choosing sunglasses for their children in order to look good. It is a sense of fashion, or that children can buy what they like. This concept is wrong. Because the transparency of the child’s lens is higher than that of the adult, it means that the ultraviolet rays penetrate more! If you only consider the fashion sense and ignore the quality and anti-ultraviolet function, it will only cause greater damage to the child’s eyes. So what kind of sunglasses should children buy? 1. Buy sunglasses from regular manufacturers and brands. The amount of ultraviolet rays that can be protected will be clearly marked and will not deceive. Remember to prevent both UVA and UVB (two of the ultraviolet rays, but also one Don’t worry if the UVC is dried out by the atmosphere), don’t just save money to buy street stalls, it’s better not to bring them; 2, buy the right size of the head, most babies will be unhappy when they wear sunglasses at the beginning, and parents should persuade them not to Give up, but if the size is not suitable, it will be more troublesome to bring it with you; 3. Buy a resin lens that is strong and not easily broken. If it is an exaggerated shape, please pay attention to whether there are parts that are easy to be taken off by the baby and cause suffocation. ; This article is organized by the glasses editor. If you want to know more about sunglasses purchase, read 'Three Tips for Choosing Sunglasses Lenses'. Related Reading: Fashion Sunglasses Sunglasses
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