What about industry position of Timeless?

Wenzhou Timeless Glasses is one of the most popular Timeless providers in China and is striving to become a strong brand in the world. Our manufacturers are committed to providing the highest quality products for our customers and providing a wide range of recognized services worldwide. By focusing on providing the best support and the highest quality products, we firmly believe that we will lead the business on a global scale.
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High quality of titanium eyeglasses brands helps Timeless occupy big global market. Timeless's titanium eyeglasses brands series include multiple types. The production equipment of we custom made eyeglasses is constantly upgraded. The equipment includes extruder, mixing mill, surfacing lathes, milling machinery, and molding press machinery. It is durable and extremely sturdy. The tough seam and fabric allow it to withstand the abuse of multiple set-ups and tear downs.
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