What are the characteristics of Adidas sports sunglasses

u003cbru003eOptical quality, safety, wearing comfort and durability are the core starting points of Adidas sports sunglasses. Let's take a look at the characteristics of Adidas sports sunglasses. 1. Custom attribute double buckle nose bridge? Allows you to easily adjust the angle of the glasses, which can be adjusted according to the personal needs of each cyclist. The SPX® frame material with integrated Flexzones® ensures its perfection and has a very good wearing comfort. 2. ClimaCool? Technical safety and vision belong to a whole. Adidas ClimaCool? technology guarantees both. The dynamic ventilation system ensures air penetration, transports moisture to the outside and ensures optimal air conditioning management. The strong curvature of the filter also protects the eyes and guarantees the best visibility. Perfect vision, best protection, ideal fit and durability are the hallmarks of excellent sports glasses. Adidas glasses further developed these properties. Because they are always adjusted to the requirements of a particular sport, Adidas glasses ensure that you will not lose sight of your sight. Recommended reading: What are the brands of sports sunglasses? 3. The Vision Concept of Adidas glasses guarantees the best sports performance, the most modern technological development and innovative design, the most difficult things such as sharp changes in light and shadow, strong ultraviolet radiation, dust, insects, etc. Under the conditions, a clear viewing angle is provided. 4. Safety performance In order to ensure the best vision, the eyes must be protected from the body. Therefore, safety is the focus of Adidas glasses. Adidas sports sunglasses provide maximum protection: materials, filters and construction-everything is to protect the eyes and glasses, and improve sports performance. 5. Comfort performance In addition to excellent visibility and safety, the comfort performance of Adidas sports sunglasses is also very good. The minimum weight, maximum flexibility and numerous functions ensure the comfort of the glasses. Related Reading: Sports Sunglasses Brand Sunglasses
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