What are the common sunglasses lens materials?

u003cbru003eWhether it is the hot summer or the dazzling autumn and winter seasons, glasses.com/sunglasses-1.html' target='_blank'>sunglasses are essential eye protection fashion items. For all kinds of sunglasses sold on the market, the lenses are divided into glass, pc, resin, nylon, AC, and polarizers. Consumers’ common lens materials for sunglasses include pc, resin, and polarizers. . Below, I will introduce the characteristics of these common spectacle lens materials. PC lenses: PC lenses are used for sunglasses, mainly because PC lenses have high impact resistance and safety performance, and their quality is lighter among all sunglasses lenses, so they are suitable for sporty people. But this kind of lens is not wear-resistant, so it needs careful care during the wearing process. Resin lens: The big advantage of resin lens as a sunglasses lens is that its overall weight is relatively light, and its impact resistance is better, so it is safe and healthy to wear. This kind of lens also has good optical performance, high light transmittance, and see things more clearly and realistically. However, the abrasion and scratch resistance of resin lenses is relatively poor, and they are easily scratched. Polarizer: Sunglasses use polarizer, which can block glare, reflection and other light interference to the eyes, so as to ensure healthy and comfortable eyes, especially suitable for drivers and friends. This is mainly to use the polarizer to only accept light from one direction, while blocking the light from other directions back, filter stray light, and make the eyes see things more clearly. The above is the related information of common sunglasses lens materials. If you want to know more, please feel free to click to learn more. You can also consult online customer service to purchase related products.
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