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Sunglasses come in many colors. We usually have brown and gray colors, but if they are used for decoration, sunglasses have many other colors, such as yellow, green, red, etc. Among so many colors, which one is better for the eyes? Next, I will introduce the functions of different colors. (Related Reading: On the Importance of Sunglasses Color) YC9703 Women's Sunglasses C3 Black/Colorful Blue Brown-a good driving choice brown lens can filter out a lot of blue light, can improve the visual contrast and clarity, in severe air pollution or fog The wearing effect is better in the case of Generally, it can block the reflected light from a smooth and bright surface, and the wearer can still see the subtle parts. It is an ideal choice for drivers. Gray series-essential for travel. Gray lens sunglasses filter almost the same amount of sunlight in each color, and can filter infrared rays and 98% of ultraviolet rays. Wearing gray lens sunglasses, the original color of the scene will not change due to the lens, and it can also block the glare to a large extent. When outdoor activities in summer, wear sunglasses with gray lenses, not only to pull the wind, shading, but also to see the beauty of the original colors. Green series-The fashionable green lens against fatigue, like the gray lens, can filter infrared light and 99% of ultraviolet light. But the green lens will change the color of some scenes, and the effect of blocking light is slightly inferior to that of the gray lens. Fortunately, green is a natural tranquilizer, which can make people around you feel more comfortable. Red series-confident ladies red lens sunglasses, can filter 95% of ultraviolet rays and some shorter wavelength visible light. In fact, red lenses are similar to normal untinted lenses, and are not as protective as normal lenses. Ray-Ban RB4242 Unisex Frame 6201/13 Brown In addition to the color of the sunglasses, we will pay attention to the style. The style is also an important part. At the end of the year, what are the good-looking sunglasses styles this year? Let's take a look. 1. Retro cat-eye sunglasses; have you ever thought about retro? Afraid that you will not be able to hold it? Then lightly retro! From the visual effects to the material, it is very light, but it is a kind of retro Cat sunglasses. The unique cat-eye shape and low-key cut-out details, especially to set off the round or oval face. 2. Reflective lens sunglasses; this year's various colorful reflective sunglasses have attracted countless people. They are cool and pioneering, as if they are another layer of makeup feast for facial makeup. 3. Round-frame sunglasses; you are embarrassed to call yourself fashionable without any retro elements. The round frame sunglasses can bring a quirky and retro feeling to your style, and are most suitable for gentlemen with a tough chin, because round lenses have the effect of softening the tough lines of the face. 4. Aviator sunglasses: After various forms of improvement and re-creation, the aviator sunglasses become a very masculine and retro style sunglasses. Aviator sunglasses are very practical, suitable for most face shapes, and are highly matched with almost all wears, and the large drop-shaped lenses can block the entire eye socket area and prevent light from entering the eyes as much as possible. Related Reading: Sunglasses Price Sunglasses Color
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