What color sunglasses are not suitable for driving


Tan Sunglasses Tawny sunglasses can almost cut off 100% of ultraviolet rays, and the soft tone makes people feel more comfortable and makes the eyes less fatigued. Recommended reading: Popular sunglasses colors are recommended, but because they overlap with car windows and films, they are not suitable for driving. At the same time, the car film has blocked ultraviolet rays. Wearing brown sunglasses is actually not very useful. Gray sunglasses Gray sunglasses can not only block most of the ultraviolet rays, but also a lot of infrared rays. It can be said to be completely isolated. It will not change the original color of the scene. However, gray sunglasses will significantly reduce the light transmittance. Generally speaking, their light transmittance is between 8% and 40%. According to the national standard, this type of sunglasses is called sun-shading mirror, which is dark-colored sunglasses. One kind. The dark sunglasses will increase the driver's reaction time. Generally speaking, wearing dark sunglasses will increase the driver's reaction time by an average of about 100 milliseconds. When driving at a high speed, for example, 120 kilometers per hour, which is 33.3 meters per second, if the reaction time is increased by 100 milliseconds, it is equivalent to driving 3.3 meters longer before you brake the car, because the front Did not react. Green Sunglasses Green is the three primary optical colors, which can filter out the other two primary colors blue and red except green, and it will cause significant color difference. When driving, green sunglasses will cause the red light in the traffic light to turn into a black light, thereby affecting the driver's judgment. ?? Related reading: Sunglasses color
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