What face shape is suitable for toad mirror

u003cbru003eToad mirrors, a kind of glasses.com/sunglasses-1.html' target='_blank'>sunglasses, large lenses, light colors, wind-proof, sun-proof and sun-shading, were all the rage among urban youth in the 1980s and became a favorite of fashionable men and women. Retro style sunglasses are often called 'frog mirrors.' In the early 1980s, toad mirror was a must-have for some fashionable young people. At that time, there were very few such things on the market. Most of the toad mirrors came from Hong Kong or overseas. Therefore, being able to wear a pair of toad mirrors on the streets was fashionable at the time. At that time, there were no such words as fashion and avant-garde, let alone non-mainstream. 9001 Toad mirror What kind of face is the toad mirror suitable for? Of course, not everyone with any face shape is suitable for wearing a toad mirror. The retro style frog mirror is wider, suitable for friends with sharp faces and high nose bridges. If you are a friend with a square face or a small round face, and unfortunately your nose is not high enough, then try not to choose a retro style toad mirror. Among the toad mirrors, among the different colors and shapes, pink and black are undoubtedly eye-catching. Pink represents youth and fashion, while black represents ancient and heavy. The 'toad mirror' with these two colors as the mainstay fully shows the people of the world a new Africa that blends ancient and modern. In the next 30 days, the colorful and novel 'Toad Mirror' will accompany the fans in front of the TV to witness every moment of the World Cup in South Africa. How to match frog mirrors? We will find that there are many colors of frog mirror lenses on the market. Pure black lenses are suitable for leather jackets, and are suitable for older men. It is not a style admired by non-mainstream styles. Toad mirrors suitable for non-mainstream hipsters, the lens color can be light brown, gray, gray-green, or reflective coating. Such a frog mirror can highlight the atmosphere of modern people, publicity, and there will be a stubborn and domineering attitude. We will find that whether a boy wears a casual suit or a hip-hop outfit, wearing a suitable toad mirror will make the boy exude a celebrity overall. And the girl wearing a proper toad mirror not only feels glamorous, but also feels that this girl has a special cute taste. Toad mirrors should be the love of celebrities. Although they can cover most of their faces, they can't cover the eyes of fans. Many celebrities still wear this kind of glasses when they sneak into the street. In addition, it is really picky about the face shape. Generally, people with a small face and a straight nose can try it. Because the small face shape and the big lens will form a very sharp contrast, they can be adjusted to each other as a whole to form a very individual effect. If it's a big face and nose, then it's just a laugh. Related Reading: Sunglasses Toad Mirror
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