What factors need to be considered when customizing myopia sunglasses

u003cbru003eIn winter, wearing ordinary glasses and lying in the comfortable sun to enjoy the sun will inevitably have some dazzling feeling, and myopic sunglasses can solve this problem well. However, although myopia sunglasses have largely solved the trouble of wearing sunglasses for myopia, myopia sunglasses cannot be worn as often as ordinary optical glasses, and it is impossible to completely replace the status of ordinary optical glasses. This is because myopia sunglasses may Will cause certain damage to our vision and glasses health. So when customizing myopic sunglasses, there are many factors to consider. 1. Understand the types of myopia sunglasses. The myopia sunglasses currently on the market include clip-on myopia sunglasses and integrated myopia sunglasses. The advantage of the former is that it is convenient to switch and economical, but the disadvantage is that many clip-on sunglasses are not suitable for the size of ordinary glasses; the advantages of the latter It is possible to do some strenuous exercise and the style is more fashionable, but it needs to be re-customized and the price will be higher. 1.67 Myopia Sunglasses Big Bend Stained Myopia Glasses Lenses 2. Consider the material of myopia sunglasses lenses; in order to ensure clear imaging, the lenses of myopia glasses will have a certain diopter. But under normal circumstances, the sunglasses are flat. However, myopia sunglasses are a combination of the two, and the lenses with power are dyed through a special process. Therefore, when people choose sunglasses for myopia, they must first consider what kind of lens to choose. It is best to choose a large base curve (large arc) resin lens. 3. Consider the color of myopic sunglasses lens; myopic sunglasses lens with too light color has little filter effect, and too dark affects vision. Therefore, it is recommended to choose gray or brown lenses. The gray lens has the least color distortion and the most realistic view. It is suitable for bright and sunny weather. The brown lens can slightly enhance the color and contrast, reduce the glare effect, improve the contrast in cloudy weather, suitable for daily wear, especially in sunny weather. We provide you with myopia sunglasses in various colors such as gray, tea, green, and colorful. If you want to choose myopia sunglasses, you can go shopping, I believe there is always a color suitable for you. Recommended reading: How to improve the bi frame of a man with myopia sunglasses 4. Choose the size of myopia sunglasses frame; myopia sunglasses have high requirements for the frame size. In principle, choose small-frame sunglasses for myopia sunglasses. Such myopic sunglasses will be more beautiful and thinner. 9803c3 Frame Black Lens Gray Toad Lens Polarized Sunglasses Myopia Sunglasses 5. If your myopia is more than 600 degrees; people with myopia of 600 degrees wear myopia glasses, it is very difficult to wear myopia glasses, if the color of the lenses of myopia sunglasses will cause you to see It's hard work. Therefore, it is not recommended for people with myopia above 600 degrees to wear myopic sunglasses. There are many factors to consider when you want to choose your own suitable myopic sunglasses, which will always make people feel a little confused. Many people don’t know where to go to match them. Moreover, myopic sunglasses need to be customized, and many glasses platforms don’t have it. The corresponding product. So it is still recommended to consult and customize myopia sunglasses, the customer service of this website will give you a detailed and warm answer. Related reading: Clip-on sunglasses myopia sunglasses
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