What factors should be considered when choosing ski goggles?

u003cbru003eSkiing is a high-speed and relatively dangerous sport. For ski enthusiasts, the requirements for body protection are very strict. Especially for the vulnerable eyes, it is more rigorous, so it is essential to have a ski goggles with a strong protection function. So what factors should be considered when choosing ski goggles? First of all, we must understand the main risk factors of eye contact in skiing. One is the strong sunlight reflected by the snow, and the other is the cold wind during high-speed gliding, both of which are very irritating to the eyes. Therefore, you need to wear ski goggles that can completely protect against ultraviolet rays when skiing, and it is recommended to choose fully enclosed ski goggles. 030 ski goggles military green professional double-layer mountaineering ski goggles sports glasses. In addition, ski goggles are also very particular about the lenses. Research shows that black frame color lens ski goggles and blue frame color lens ski goggles are not completely protected against ultraviolet rays. Effective, and long-term wear is prone to visual fatigue. At the same time, the darker the lens, the lower the visible light transmittance. For example, the visible light transmittance of the brown lens ski goggles is 84.2%, while the visible light transmittance of the black lens ski goggles is only 7.5%. Secondly, in skiing, when an accident occurs, athletes usually cannot maintain a good balance, so falls and other situations occur from time to time. Therefore, in order to avoid face injury, it is best to choose ski goggles with high flexibility. Finally, the glasses are prone to fogging. In addition, most ski goggles have a degree due to the curved design of their own lenses, which will lead to the phenomenon of not seeing objects clearly and causing dizziness. Therefore, it is necessary to choose ski goggles with vents made of ventilated sponge on the outer frame to maximize the ski enthusiasts' skiing experience. There are many factors to consider when choosing ski goggles. People who ski often should consult an ophthalmologist to choose the most suitable pair of ski goggles. Related reading: ski goggles brand ski goggles
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