What is a toad mirror, does it look good?


Toad mirrors, a kind of sunglasses, large lenses, light colors, wind-proof, sun-proof and sun-shading, were all the rage among urban youth in the 1980s and became a favorite of fashionable men and women. Retro-style sunglasses are often called 'toad glasses'. In the early 1980s, toad mirror was a must-have for some fashionable young people. At that time, there were few such things on the market. Most of the toad mirrors came from Hong Kong or overseas. Therefore, being able to wear a pair of toad mirrors on the streets was fashionable at the time. At that time, there were no such words as fashion and avant-garde, let alone non-mainstream. Origin of the name Toad mirror, a kind of sunglasses, large lenses, light color, wind-proof, sun-shading, and sun-shading. It became popular among urban youth in the 1980s and became a favorite of fashionable men and women. Why is it called a toad mirror? Perhaps it is because the lens is large and light in color, and it is named after the two big eyes of a toad when worn on a person's face. As early as the 1970s, Audrey Hepburn let us witness the beauty of 'toad with beauty' in the films 'Roman Holiday' and 'Tiffany's Breakfast'. The last time, Hepburn wore large yellow glasses with white frames and large lenses that could almost cover half of his face. His deep eyes were buried deep in the large lenses. 30 years later, this classic pair of glasses It is still a fashion code that attracts worldwide attention. 9015 Toad mirror myopia sunglasses popular reason. Toad mirror should be the love of celebrities. Although it can cover most of the face, it can't cover the eyes of fans. There are still many celebrities who wear this kind of glasses when they sneak in and go shopping. In addition, it is really picky about the face shape. Generally, people with a small face and a straight nose can try it. If it's a big face and nose, then it's just a laugh. The fashionable plastic composite frame of the online eyewear salon Toad Mirror is lightweight and changeable in color, which offsets the heavy feeling of the original metal frame. The plastic composite frame has become a very exquisite popular symbol, and people who pursue simplicity and handsomeness can find an entry point in this texture. The package frame design makes the eyes hidden deep and safe. The hollowed-out method between the two lenses breathes out the overly tightly wrapped glasses. The dark purple lens is more profound and mysterious, and the design without any tricks on the details makes the toad mirror completely win with color and simple design. Dress collocation toad mirror and dress collocation 1. The clothes matched with frog mirror are not demanding and wear a little more refreshing. Like Faye Wong often appears in the capital airport, white or black T-shirts, denim cropped pants, flip-flops , Even with her face up to the sky, there is only a big toad mirror that shows her star temperament. 2. If matched with a silk scarf, it will create a very strong fashion atmosphere. 3. Wear a toad mirror and go to the street. The overall attire must be punk. If you happen to have a small face with a bridge of nose, it will attract a lot of eyeballs and questions: Which celebrity is on location? 3. Women whose skin is not fair enough to choose colorful lenses can divert people's attention from not perfect skin to colorful sunglasses. Related reading: Sunglasses Brand Sunglasses
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