What is the difference between polarized sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses?

u003cbru003eSunglasses are also called sun-shading glasses, a vision protection tool to prevent the strong stimulation of sunlight from causing damage to the eyes. Especially in summer, the use of sunglasses can effectively block the uncomfortable glare, and at the same time can protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. They are radiation-proof sunglasses. What are polarized sunglasses? Polarizers are sunglasses that can effectively filter out glare and are manufactured according to the principle of light polarization. By effectively eliminating and filtering the scattered light in the beam, the light can be input into the visual image of the eye on the transmission axis of the normal track, so that the visual field is clear and natural. What are the effects of polarized sunglasses? 1. When driving, you will not be irritated by the headlights; 2. When fishing, the water waves are shining under the sun, so you will not feel uncomfortable; 3. When skiing, you no longer have to worry about reflections And ultraviolet rays, you can glide to your heart's content; 4. When it rains, the road traffic signs of rain flooding are clearly presented in front of your eyes; 5. When on vacation, more ultraviolet rays are effectively blocked, allowing you to enjoy this rare Leisure time; what is the difference between polarized sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses? In our daily lives, in addition to sunlight and ultraviolet rays, glare can also cause damage to the eyes. Compared with ordinary sunglasses, polarizers have added the function of filtering out glare, realizing the real protection of the eyes. Generally, sunglasses only use the effect of dimming, which only reduces the intensity of harmful light, and does not block harmful light. However, polarized glasses can completely block the dazzling glare caused by various factors such as scattering, refraction, and reflection. The eyes can also be protected by light activity. How to identify polarized sunglasses? Only need to stack two polarized lenses vertically, if the lens is opaque. The reason is that the special design of the polarizer lens only allows parallel light to pass through the lens. When the two lenses are stacked vertically, most of the light is blocked.
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