What is the principle of color changing glasses? How about wearing color-changing glasses in summer?

u003cbru003eIn life, we will always see some people wearing 'magic' glasses from time to time. When indoors, the glasses are just like ordinary glasses, but when outdoors, the glasses will turn gray or They are different glasses such as brown. These magical glasses are color-changing glasses. They are colorless indoors and can be used as ordinary glasses; they can be used as sunglasses when they are discolored by ultraviolet rays outdoors. The mystery of color-changing glasses is in the glass. This special glass is called 'photochromic' glass. In the manufacturing process, it is pre-mixed with light-sensitive substances, such as silver chloride, Australian silver (collectively referred to as silver halide), etc., as well as a small amount of copper oxide catalyst. The color of the spectacle lenses changed from no color to light gray and dark brown, and then from black spectacles to tone glasses. It is the magic of silver halide.' In the glass of the color-changing spectacles, there are changes that are very similar to the exposure imaging of photosensitive film. Process. The silver halide decomposes when exposed to light and turns into many black silver particles, which are evenly distributed in the glass. Therefore, the glass lens appears dim and blocks the passage of light. This is called color-changing glasses. However, it is different from the situation on photosensitive film. , The silver atom and halogen atom generated after the decomposition of silver halide are still close together. When returning to a darker place, under the promotion of copper oxide catalyst, silver and halogen recombine to produce silver halide, glass lens It becomes transparent again. The silver halide is resident in the glass, and the reaction of decomposition and compounding is repeated endlessly. Photographic film and printing paper can only be used once, but the color-changing glasses can be used forever. The color-changing glasses can not only follow The intensity of the light becomes darker and brighter, and it can also absorb ultraviolet rays harmful to human eyes. It is indeed the top grade in glasses. If you replace the window glass with photochromic glass, the sunlight will not get into the room on a sunny day; When it is cloudy or in the morning or dusk, the outdoor light is not blocked, and the interior is still bright. It is as if the windows are hung with automatic shading curtains. Seeing that summer is coming soon, the strong sunlight makes people unable to open their eyes. Now, color-changing glasses are very suitable for people who work alternately indoors and outdoors, and they are an essential device for eye protection. Related reading: color-changing glasses lens color-changing glasses
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