What is the role of polarized sunglasses? How to identify?

u003cbru003eThere are many kinds of sunglasses on the market now, not only in many styles, but also in different functions. Among them, there is a kind of polarized sunglasses that is a high-quality choice for many people. Why do you say that? Because polarized sunglasses are not useful small. YC3027 Unisex Sunglasses C02 Dark Green Gun/Lens Light Mercury What is polarized light? In fact, polarized light is only a function. Natural light is not polarized at the beginning, and it spreads in all directions, but when it is in a smooth, flat, such as When reflection occurs on the surface of water, snow, beach, road, etc., light waves are broken down into vertical waves and horizontal waves. The light in the vertical direction is useful light. The light in the horizontal direction is the glare that is harmful to our eyes. Polarized lenses are arranged in the vertical direction by using colored silicon crystal coatings to block parallel light like blinds, so that glare will not be avoided. Into our eyes. What are polarized sunglasses? Polarized sunglasses use its characteristics to block harmful light, because no matter what the sun is touching any object, it will produce harmful glare due to natural reflection or refraction. Polarized sunglasses can completely absorb these and cause dazzling. The glare of eye damage. Polarized sunglasses have the function of polarizing light, so they can block all harmful light without affecting the transmission of visible light, which can truly protect the eyes. What is the function of the polarized sunglasses? 1. When driving, if you are driving in a long traffic, you will no longer be troubled by the sunlight and the many reflections of the vehicles in front; 2. When fishing, the water waves are in the sun. Shine under the light, but you will not feel uncomfortable at all, but feel comfortable and fade away: the reflection is gone; 3. When skiing, on the vast snow field, you don't have to worry about reflection and ultraviolet rays, you can glide as much as you want; 4. Down When it rains, the road traffic signs of rainwater are clearly presented in front of your eyes; 5. When on vacation, more ultraviolet rays are effectively blocked, allowing you to enjoy this rare leisure time. YC3026 Unisex Sunglasses C03 Pink Copper/Lens Colorful Red Polarized Sunglasses How to distinguish true from false? 1. Polarization test card. The easiest way is to use a polarized light test card to test whether the glasses have a polarization effect. Generally, a polarized light test card is attached to the polarized glasses case. If there is no polarized light test card, you can try the following method. 2. Display test method. Combining the polarization principle of the polarizer and the display principle of the display screen, when viewing the display screen through rotating polarized glasses, the screen will appear black. This is caused by the polarizer filtering the light in a single direction of the screen. And because the display screen can be seen everywhere, this is also the most feasible way to distinguish the polarizer. So how to choose polarized sunglasses? 1. Light red or vermillion red lenses can deepen the contrast and sharpness when the glare is strong, which is very suitable for water sports and snow activities. 2. Brown or brown lenses, because they can enhance the color contrast, they become the first choice for driving. 3. Amber, yellow or orange lenses are very suitable for wearing on cloudy days and can have a very clear vision, but not suitable for use under strong sunlight. 4. Gray or dark green lenses can maintain the most natural original color when viewing objects, which is a good choice. Related Reading: Brand-name sunglasses with prescription sunglasses
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