What kind of sunglasses can better modify the face shape?


As we all know, sunglasses are the magical tool for dressing up and repairing your face. You don’t need to put on makeup if you take pictures. So, what kind of sunglasses can better modify the face shape? Everyone's face shape is different, and the nose, eyebrows, and eyes are also different. How can we analyze the specific situation? Come take a look at the basic principles. YC9702 Women's Sunglasses C3 Black/Colorful Blue Lenses Basic principles are based on the face shape: the face shape is wide, the sunglasses should be larger; the face shape is narrow, you should choose the frame with thinner and more delicate. According to skin color: darker skin color should be a brighter color; white skinned skin color will look good on any color glasses. Look at the face shape with the help of sunglasses to 'improve' the face shape to a certain extent. A chubby round face is suitable for glasses with a thick frame. If you choose sunglasses with a slender and soft frame, you will 'add oil and vinegar' to make your face bigger. The lenses should also be dark, with the visual effect of 'tightening' the face. People with a slender face should take round glasses with a wider top and bottom (vertical width) to compensate for the 'defects' of a long face. A slender face is inevitably less 'softSpectacles with temples designed under the lenses, the length of the sides of the face can therefore be 'corrected'. For a face that is narrow and wide in the vertical direction, it is advisable to choose sunglasses with a narrow square frame up and down. The color of the lens is preferably a stable brown. Thin-frame or rimless glasses are suitable for people with small faces. The color of the lenses is pale pink or purple, which can achieve extraordinary results. YC9708 Universal Sunglasses C7 Black Frame Silver Legs/Lens Gray Look Nose The nose is the only vertical line on the face. Emphasizing this line can enhance the three-dimensional sense of the face. People with a short nose should choose sunglasses with the lens frame connector at the top, otherwise, they should choose sunglasses with the connector at the bottom, which can effectively 'shorten' the length of the nose. Sunglasses with high lens frame joints are also suitable for people with larger noses. If the frame does not touch the nose, and the frame itself is thinner, the effect is better. Looking at the different positions of the eyes in the lens will give people different impressions. Generally speaking, the upper eye position makes it seem daunting and listless; the lower eye position feels funny. Imagine splitting the glasses in two horizontally, and the best position for the eyes to be slightly above the 'demarcation line'. The eye position is adjusted through the nose pads and temples of the glasses. Ray-Ban RB3449 Men's Sunglasses Silver/Lens Colorful Blue 004/55 Eyebrows and eyebrows have a decisive effect on the image of the face. The eyebrows are aligned with the upper end of the sunglasses frame and slightly higher than the frame is ideal. For upturned eyebrows, the tip of the eyebrows cannot be aligned with the frame of the sunglasses, but the eyebrows must match the frame. Never choose sunglasses with an upturned frame, otherwise it will inevitably produce a funny sense of 'upward' and 'upward'. At this time, you must choose sunglasses with a straight frame. In short, there must be no 'blank' between the eyebrows and the frame of the glasses, as they are not related to each other, otherwise it will feel extremely unnatural. People with thick eyebrows should choose thin-framed or frameless sunglasses, otherwise the impression of eyebrows will be weakened. Conversely, sunglasses with thick frames are suitable for people with thin eyebrows. Related reading: sunglasses and glasses
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