What kind of sunglasses can protect eyes?


In summer, under the scorching sun, the sun is dazzling, or in autumn and winter when ultraviolet rays are still present, it is very important to protect the eyes from the sun. Most people choose to wear all kinds of sunglasses. But in fact, wearing sunglasses does not necessarily protect your eyes better. At present, many people still have many misunderstandings about sunglasses. What kind of sunglasses can protect your eyes? Can you buy them from the street vendors to protect your eyes? 9015 myopia sunglasses, professional UV protection First of all, wear sunglasses improperly or choose low-quality sunglasses Not only will it not protect the eyes, but on the contrary, it is easy to cause the eyes to be burned by ultraviolet rays. Many people think that colored glasses are sunglasses, and they are very cool to wear, so they buy them in order to follow the trend. However, experiments have shown that colored glasses can indeed protect the eyes themselves due to their different colors. However, if the glasses cannot block ultraviolet rays, the effect of sunglasses will be lost. Secondly, if you wear colored glasses that do not protect against ultraviolet rays, it is more dangerous than not wearing sunglasses. Because the wooden body of the human body has the function of self-protection, when the eyes encounter strong light, the pupils will naturally shrink, so that the amount of ultraviolet rays entering the eyes will be reduced. If you wear glasses without UV protection, the pupils will be dilated. Without the effect of isolating ultraviolet rays, it will allow ultraviolet rays to invade, causing serious damage to the eyes under invisible conditions. After that, it needs to be understood that the reason why sunglasses can block ultraviolet rays is because a special coating film is added to the lenses. Inferior sunglasses are completely different. Not only are they weak in blocking ultraviolet rays, but the coating film is easily damaged, which leads to a serious drop in the light barrier of the lens and harms the health of the eyes. It can be seen from the above that inferior sunglasses have unclear vision and cannot withstand ultraviolet rays, which can cause great damage to the eyes. Therefore, it is better to choose branded sunglasses when buying sunglasses and buy them at reputable professional eyeglass stores or online shopping malls with good reputation. The following issues should be paid attention to when buying sunglasses: (1) When buying sunglasses, try to see if you feel dizzy or headache. Nowadays, there are also some myopia sunglasses sold in the market, but there is no professional guidance. , Don't choose this kind of sunglasses. (2) Hold the two corners of the sunglasses with your hands to face the fluorescent lamp, and let the reflective strip of the mirror roll smoothly. If you find that the fluorescent lamp shadow reflected by the mirror is wavy, it means that the lens is not flat. Wearing such glasses will cause vision. Great damage, so don't buy it. (3) In addition to reducing the irritation of strong light to the eyes and making the eyes feel comfortable, wearing sunglasses is mainly to prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes, but the color of the lens and UV protection are not the same thing, remind everyone not to think that the color is dark. It can prevent ultraviolet rays. This view is wrong. Be sure to choose lenses that are marked with UV protection. Usually the UV index of sunglasses is between 96%-98%. (4) When choosing sunglasses, pay attention to choosing lenses that are flat and have a high degree of dialysis. The materials of sunglasses lenses are divided into glass and resin, and good sunglasses should use polarized lenses. Polarized lenses can effectively filter out reflected light and ultraviolet rays, and have anti-shatter and anti-wear functions. (5) The choice of the color of the sunglasses is not fixed. It should vary from person to person. The simple way to make the color of the sunglasses suitable for the white is to put on the sunglasses in front of the mirror, so that you can see your pupils faintly. As well. If the color of the sunglasses is too light, the filtering effect will be poor; and the color of the glasses is too dark, not only affect the vision but also weaken the color perception. Related Reading: Fashion Sunglasses Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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