What kind of sunglasses do children wear

u003cbru003eIt is said that it is early to become famous. This sentence is suitable for those young trendy fans on Instagram who are crazy fans. Although their dressing is partly attributed to their parents, the babies have already consciously incorporated their own preferences into their outfits. If several famous fashion bloggers walk out of them in the future, then I will not be surprised at all. And it’s not that I scared you. Go to their social accounts and take a look. I think your taste may not be better than them! Coco: hat, glasses.com/sunglasses-1.html' target='_blank'>sunglasses, big gold chain, you wear vulgar accessories but she can wear fashionable attention Friends of fashion information may have seen this little girl in the news or street photography. She is a 7-year-old Coco kid from Tokyo, Japan. Now her Instagram account has more than 450,000 followers, which is nothing short of a compromise. The little internet celebrity. It is said that Coco caught up with the tragic Fukushima earthquake three months after his birth. Affected by this, his parents moved to Tokyo with Coco and opened a fashion store in Harajuku. Coco was in the 'clothes pile' when he was young. Growing up, it also opened the door to fashion for her. Looking through her social accounts, you can feel the strong Harajuku street style, which is a personal style that she has cultivated since she was a little girl in the Harajuku area. Those brightly colored and generously shaped clothing can be perfectly controlled by her. And did you find it? Coco's these collocations, even if they are directly copied to adults, they won't feel inconsistent. It can be said that her style is quite mature. Recommended reading: Will children wearing sunglasses affect their eyesight? What is particularly impressive is Coco's choice of accessories and ability to control. Hats and sunglasses are her fashion magic weapon, from bright green Lei Feng hats, woolen caps of various colors, to street-style baseball caps and berets, it can be said that the scope is quite wide. The sunglasses are more like her personal logo, exaggerated butterfly sunglasses, colored lens mirrors, 'fortune teller' sunglasses, blingbling rhinestone sunglasses, there is nothing she dare not try. Related Reading: Children's Sunglasses Fashion Sunglasses
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