What styles of 'concave shape weapon' sunglasses have


Sunglasses can be said to be a great match tool. No matter what face shape or skin tone you have, you can always find sunglasses that suit you. And whether it is in the hot summer or cold winter, wearing sunglasses will always make you radiant and become the focus of everyone's attention. Mirror sunglasses with colored reflective lenses are gaining momentum. The slightly exaggerated reflective effect improves your fashion by several levels, and at the same time adds a lot of aura to you. Recommended sunglasses: YC3026 Unisex sunglasses C03 pink copper/lens colorful red thick frame sunglasses. Thick frame sunglasses are full of 1950's retro atmosphere. The wide lens blocks half of the face, highlighting the professionalism of women, although the wide lens will make the face smaller , But sisters with square faces can choose a rounder lens. Sunglasses recommendation: cat-eye sunglasses YC9703 women's sunglasses C3 black/colorful blue cat-eye sunglasses. These cat-eye sunglasses are also more face-shaped. People with a Chinese face or a trapezoidal face should think twice, but the sister with a melon face can try wearing it, round face Bringing her sister will also add a cute effect. Related Reading: Famous Brand Sunglasses and Sunglasses
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