What sunglasses to wear when driving?

u003cbru003eWear a pair of sunglasses when driving, which can prevent ultraviolet rays and be beautiful, but we know that vision is an important point for driving, but with so many colors of sunglasses, what color is suitable for driving? S9101 new sunglasses C02 frame tortoiseshell/ People who have different lens gradients and engage in different activities should choose different sunglasses lenses. Gray film: can adhere to the true color of the scene, suitable for ordinary people to protect their eyes, and engage in ordinary outdoor activities during the day. Blue mercury film: unique blue mercury coating, which can more effectively obstruct strong light and bright light. It is suitable for people who are particularly afraid of light to wear outdoors, such as patients with corneal diseases and iris defects. It is also suitable for ordinary people to wear when skiing and marine sports. Amber flakes: with medium light transmittance, soft vision, useful to filter harmful blue light, suppress glare, suitable for elderly people to wear outdoors. Yellow film: can add scene contrast, suitable for low vision patients to wear during daytime outdoor activities, and also suitable for ordinary people to wear during shooting and golf activities. YC9709 Ms. Sunglasses C4 Tortoiseshell/Lens Grey Black Tea Tablet: Suitable for patients with retinitis pigmentosa, and also suitable for driving people to wear in daytime. Many people take it for granted that the deeper the color, the better the UV protection. In fact, the function of sunglasses to filter ultraviolet rays is only related to the coated film, and the color is not as dark as possible. Especially for a long-range driver, if the sunglasses are too dark, the eyes will be simpler and tired, and it will be more risky to enter a tunnel from the intense sun and other places where the light is suddenly dark. In addition, the dark color of the sunglasses will delay the moment when the eyes are sent to the brain. This visual delay will lead to distortion of the speed perception, causing the driver to make a wrong judgment and cause severe traffic accidents. Studies have shown that when the car is traveling at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour, too deep sunglasses will extend the driver's response time to the situation by 100 milliseconds, adding a sudden braking distance of 2.2 meters. So don't choose sunglasses that are too dark. And fashionable young people will have sunglasses of various colors and cooperate with clothes. Many beautiful colored sunglasses can be worn when playing, but not suitable for driving. Like the pink and purple lenses that many girls love, they will change the color and spectrum, so they should not be worn when driving. At the same time, experts advocate that if the driver can handle the sun dazzling doubts without wearing sunglasses, he should not wear sunglasses. Although excellent sunglasses can effectively reduce the impact of light on human eyes, they will more or less affect vision. Driving as a high-risk action, misjudgment of the environment simply becomes an incident. If you really want to use sunglasses while driving, it is recommended that Canon develop a habit of wearing sunglasses when walking or working. What needs to be reminded is that if you don't usually wear sunglasses, don't use them alone in the car. Related Reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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