What to pay attention to when choosing and wearing sunglasses

u003cbru003eUnder the scorching sun, many people like to wear a pair of sunglasses, which can not only prevent the eyes from being damaged by the strong sunlight, but also can be used as a decoration to bring out their own temperament. It can be described as killing two birds with one stone. But it should be noted that improper selection and wearing of sunglasses can also harm your eyes and damage your vision. After wearing sunglasses for 1 to 2 weeks, symptoms such as skin numbness and unconsciousness will appear in the eye sockets or between the cheeks, and the nose will feel uncomfortable when breathing. It is like a cold, and some people may also feel that there are small bugs. Crawling on the face, sore eyes, etc. This is because they often wear glasses with wide sides, thick frames, and heavy weights. In addition, some people like to wear sunglasses, regardless of time and occasion, outdoors or indoors, even at dusk, watching movies, and watching TV. This will increase the burden on the eyes, cause eye muscle tension, blurred vision, and in severe cases. Symptoms such as dizziness, dizziness, and inability to see for a long time may also occur. These symptoms are caused by the abuse of sunglasses. Choose a pair of healthy sunglasses to choose a good pair of glasses, in addition to paying attention to the style of sunglasses, the following three details can not be ignored. 1. There is an anti-ultraviolet logo Anti-ultraviolet is the primary function of sunglasses. If you wear inferior sunglasses that cannot block ultraviolet rays, more ultraviolet rays enter the eyes than when you do not wear sunglasses, which is more likely to cause eye damage, which can cause cataracts over time , There will be symptoms such as eye pain, corneal edema, and corneal epithelial shedding. Regular spectacle shops generally have instruments to test the ability of sunglasses to prevent ultraviolet rays, which can detect whether your choice is correct. However, the quality of spectacle lenses from street stalls and hawkers is often not up to standard, so you should not buy them. 2. Choose gray, brown and green lenses. The color of the lens should be based on the color of the surrounding environment without distortion, the edge of the object is clear, and the principle of effectively identifying different color signal lights. The colors of the lenses are gray, brown, and green because the lenses of these colors absorb infrared and ultraviolet rays better. 3. Medium-depth lenses Generally speaking, the darker the color of the lens, the stronger the shading effect, but it does not mean that the ability to prevent ultraviolet rays is stronger. The anti-ultraviolet function of sunglasses is also related to the lens material and technology. The lenses are generally medium-depth. Of course, if a strong shading effect is required, darker lenses should be selected. But cyclists or motorists should not choose too dark lenses, otherwise it will be difficult to recognize the color of traffic lights. When deciding to choose an angle to go out for activities, different occasions should choose different sunglasses. For example, some sports sunglasses, their frames are specially made to protect the eyes according to different needs, and can be worn comfortably and firmly, such as water skiing, skiing, mountain climbing, golf, and tennis. Sunglasses. For those who love golf and tennis, amber lenses can effectively increase the contrast and absorb blue light, which contributes to visual comfort during sports. It is better to wear swimming goggles with anti-UV treatment when swimming outdoors. Drivers and fishing enthusiasts choose polarized sunglasses, because polarized lenses can eliminate glare from all directions and make objects look clearer. Let sunglasses add points to beauty Generally speaking, different people will choose sunglasses according to different preferences and different uses, but the fundamental thing is to start from the basic principle that can protect the wearer's eyes from damage. Reducing strong light irritation, clear vision without distortion, UV protection, color recognition without distortion, and accurate identification of traffic signals should be the basic functions of sunglasses. Because their visual function development has not reached the adult level, wearing sunglasses for a long time may develop amblyopia. Conclusion: As a highly decorative item, everyone likes to wear sunglasses, but not everyone is suitable for it. After wearing sunglasses, the visible light entering the eyes is reduced, and the pupils will naturally open. After a long time, it is easy to induce acute attacks of angle-closure glaucoma, and symptoms such as redness, eye pain, and sharp decline in vision appear. Therefore, people with glaucoma or suspected of having glaucoma should not wear sunglasses.
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