Which color is better for polarized sunglasses?

u003cbru003eNowadays, many friends pay more attention to product price, quality and style when choosing glasses.com/sunglasses-1.html' target='_blank'>sunglasses. In fact, the choice of sunglasses lens color is also very important. So what color is better for polarized sunglasses? Recommended reading: What is the effect of wearing polarized sunglasses? YC9708 general-purpose sunglasses will introduce some of the more common lenses. 1. Gray lenses: can absorb all kinds of light in a balanced manner, and will darken when viewing the scene, but there will be no obvious chromatic aberration, which can show a real and natural feeling. Neutral colors. 2. Brown lenses: filter out a lot of blue light, which can improve visual contrast and clarity. It is better to wear under severe air pollution or foggy conditions. 3. Green lens: while absorbing light, it can maximize the green light reaching the eyes, suitable for people who are prone to eye fatigue. 4. Yellow lens: Yellow lens can hardly reduce visible light, but in foggy and dusk, yellow lens can improve visual contrast and make people see more clearly. 5. Light blue/light pink lenses: Light blue and light pink lenses are more decorative than practical lenses, and the filtering effect is often not satisfactory. Here is a reminder that polarized sunglasses are not the darker the color, the better. In fact, the function of sunglasses to filter ultraviolet rays is only related to the coated film, and the color is not as dark as possible. Especially for long-distance drivers, if they wear sunglasses that are too dark in color, their eyes are more prone to fatigue, and it is more dangerous to enter tunnels and other places with sudden darkness under strong sunlight. Therefore, it is recommended that you can choose gray, brown, or yellow polarized sunglasses. Related Reading: Polarized Sunglasses Polarized Lenses
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