Which one is better with sunglasses?

u003cbru003eThe strong sunlight in summer can easily damage the glasses, so many people usually choose to wear a pair of sunglasses when they go out. For people who are not short-sighted, there is a lot of choice in sunglasses regardless of style or brand, but for people who are short-sighted, they need to wear sunglasses with power in order to save trouble, but which is better for sunglasses with myopia? The degree of sunglasses is a new type of glasses that combines the two functions of sunglasses and myopia glasses. This kind of glasses can not only satisfy the vision correction effect of myopia patients, but also block the damage of some harmful light to the eyes. At the same time, it also incorporates the characteristics of fashion, trend, beauty and so on. Therefore, it has been loved and favored by many myopia patients. 1.449 Refractive index grayish myopia sunglasses lens 1. Dyeing myopia sunglasses is the ordinary myopia glasses coated with a color that can block strong light. However, this kind of glasses comes in many colors, so it is better to choose tea, gray, and light green lenses when purchasing. 2. Color-changing sunglasses for myopia are myopia glasses, which will automatically change color when encountering sunlight. It is a convenient and effective type of sunglasses for myopia. Color-changing sunglasses are colorless indoors and can be used as ordinary glasses. They can be used as sunglasses when they encounter ultraviolet light discoloration outdoors. They can be described as a dual-purpose lens. The degree of discoloration and recovery in the sun are also very good, but the price is generally very high. high. 3. Polarized myopia sunglasses. The advantage of polarized myopia lenses is that they can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays. The price is relatively high and they are not suitable for indoor wear. Moreover, the refractive index of polarized myopia lenses currently on the market is low, so for people with high myopia In other words, the lens will be thicker. It also has the functions of anti-glare, reflected light on the road surface, and scales on the water surface. It does not even affect vision and does not cause chromatic aberration (long-term color contrast will affect people's perception of color). Suitable for driving, fishing, traveling and daily wear. Of course, it also has the basics that can effectively avoid the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes. Which is the best sunglasses with power? You need to choose the sunglasses with power according to your specific situation, specific eye needs and preferences. Related Reading: Sunglasses Myopia Sunglasses
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