Which polarized sunglasses is better?

u003cbru003eAlthough the pace of winter is getting closer, but in winter when the sun is strong, it is even more necessary to wear a pair of polarized sunglasses. Because the ion layer of the atmosphere reduces the shielding effect of ultraviolet rays in winter, the penetration ability of ultraviolet rays is strengthened, and it is still 'lethal' when irradiated to the ground. The polarizer can not only block ultraviolet rays, but also block glare, which is especially obvious when driving. So which polarized sunglasses is better? Classic: Ray-Ban 3025 Ray-Ban RB3025 unisex sunglasses 001/58 gold frame dark green film (polarized) This Ray-Ban polarized sunglasses can be described as the originator of sunglasses, as early as 1930, Ray-Ban newly developed This is the sunglasses that block the glare and protect the eyes. For so many years, the classic 3025 is still the favorite in people's eyes. In addition to its good protection function, its shape and style design also highlights the rough and heroic military temperament. Big face style: Anta square sunglasses Anta AT8005C2 dark red fashion sunglasses large frame polarized sunglasses. These Anta polarized sunglasses can create a perfect small face for big-face girls, and the dark red frame design shows the woman's sexy and charming, frame pile The hollow design of the head combines the dynamic and the retro very well, deducing the true style! In addition, the light and elegant British style makes this large-scale sunglasses not only show the modern style, but also interpret the retro elements well. Retro style: round frame sunglasses YC3026 unisex sunglasses C03 pink copper/colorful red lens ! The embellishment of T-shaped metal is simple and elegant, yet exquisite. And the lenses are made of high-quality polarizers, which can sweep away harmful ultraviolet rays and glare for you, and make your vision more comfortable and wider! The above is the related content of polarized sunglasses. If you want to know more about the content of sunglasses, you can go to view . Recommended reading: How much do popular sunglasses cost? Related reading: Brand sunglasses polarized sunglasses
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