Which sunglasses are the favorite sunglasses of celebrities?

u003cbru003eCelebrity trendy people cannot do without pretending to be an artifact-sunglasses. As a member of the pursuit of fashion, the editor really wants to find out what brand of sunglasses they wear. Let’s take a look at some of the trendy people’s favorite brands. Sunglasses brand, are you ready to open your eyes? Gentle Monster Gentle Monster, a pair of Smecta star sunglasses brand Mo Jie, of course, should be introduced to everyone at the beginning. If you think you’re familiar with each other, that’s right. In the last Korean drama 'You from the StarsSouth Korea’s Oppa and Oni also have endless love for TA. Under such a turbulent Korean Wave, it will be sooner or later that the fashion circle will become popular. Gentle Monster's design itself is bold and distinctive, so matching basic clothes can become fashionable in a second. Of course, you can also add to the cake like these talents. Gentle Monster will cooperate with clothing brands every season, and the new season is teaming up with Opening Ceremony, the two major fashion brands, which is also quite worth seeing. Karen Walker has finished talking about the new favorites of Internet celebrities. Don’t forget Karen Walker, an old driver in the sunglasses industry. Karen Walker, which has been established for more than 20 years, is highly sought after by European and American stars, such as the representative of cool girls. IT GIRL Miss Zhong wears a leopard-print trim. Its logo is the arrow pattern on the side, which can be remembered at a glance. The cat-eye leopard print is very suitable for young and individual girls~ Karen Walker's campaign is also very creative every season. Who said that the old grandmother who is more than ancient can not wear sunglasses to become fashionable? In the new season, Mo sister loves this color The colorful Poolside series makes people have the urge to go on vacation immediately. Linda Farrow British brand Linda Farrow has actually gained fame as early as the 1970s, but then it hit a low point. It was not until 2007 that it made a comeback with the vintage wave. Their signature sunglasses are also a variety of vintage styles. The list of female celebrities who love it also has a long list, such as a must-have for hot mom Keer when going out on the street. The talented Mrs. Clooney matches the elegance of the sunglasses very well. In addition to the retro models, Linda Farrow and the famous designer Jeremy Scott's collaboration models are also various to open up their minds. Is this Micky-inspired sunglasses shape super cute? Oliver Peoples Oliver Peoples from the United States first let Ms. Mo remember this cute LOGO, which is the 6 geometric figures in the upper right corner of the picture below, which are just like three pairs of glasses with different shapes. The proper retro design is not too public, so it harvests a lot of male gods from Uncle Depp to the hero of Twilight. The big fan is undoubtedly American President Barack Obama. In addition to the love of male gods, many goddesses also favor them. Ray Ban is to men, what Chanel is to women, and Transformers to children, almost all represent irresistible attraction. As the best-selling sunglasses brand in the world, Ray-Ban glasses have a free and trend-leading appearance design, clear vision and high-quality characteristics of filtering harmful light. It fully interprets the chic and heroic of men, and expresses the femininity and charm of women. . A 'Descendants of the Sun' not only made Song Joong-ki popular, but also detonated Ray-Ban sunglasses. Jake Gyllenhaal of 'Brokeback Mountain' chose the hiker series of sunglasses, which is rugged and elegant. The picture is from the Internet, if you want to delete it, please contact kaity@yichao.cn Related reading: Famous brand sunglasses sunglasses brand
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