Why should drivers choose polarized sunglasses for drivers

u003cbru003eI believe that old drivers will wear a pair of polarized sunglasses when driving. This is not entirely for being cool, but for safety reasons. Why do you say that? YC9712 Men's Sunglasses C1 Gun/Green Classic Toad Polarized sunglasses, trendy driver’s mirror, what is the difference between driver’s polarized lens and ordinary sunglasses? The driver’s polarized lens is like the principle of blinds, which turns some strong light into parallel light, so that the driver feels soft and not dazzling, and keeps the driver under strong light for a long time When driving, the eyes are not easy to get tired, which achieves the function of real protection, and can make what you see more clearly and three-dimensionally. And the driver's polarizer also has the function of ordinary sunglasses. Ordinary sunglasses only use the effect of dimming, because ordinary lenses cannot filter light, so they can only reduce the intensity of glare, ultraviolet light, etc., and cannot completely block these harmful rays, so their function is only to reduce eye damage, but ordinary sunglasses The style is very fashionable. What brand of driver-specific glasses would be better? 1. San Marco glasses; the biggest advantage of San Marco glasses is that it has its own patent in professional driving glasses, and the technology used is nano-polarization technology. In addition, the styles of driving glasses designed by the San Marco team are based on the faces, car conditions, and driving habits of the Orientals. Fashionable style, comfortable wearing, functional and practical, very suitable for Chinese people. YC9709 Women's sunglasses C4 tortoiseshell / lens gray retro round fashion polarized sunglasses 2, Tyrannosaurus glasses. Tyrannosaurus’s driving glasses are fashionable in style, the materials used are flexible and elastic, and the curvature of the glasses fits the facial lines, which has a very good sense of comfort and balance. And the image of Tyrannosaurus glasses is very good, the colors are true and clear. In addition, Tyrannosaurus’s driver-specific glasses are at the forefront of the industry’s UV protection and can effectively relieve eye fatigue. 3. Baodao glasses. Treasure Island’s driver-specific glasses are also quite good products. Moreover, there are a lot of treasure island optical shops in China, which is convenient for drivers and friends to experience first-hand. In addition, the technical team and design team of Baodao Optical are relatively mature compared to other domestic brands. Related Reading: Polarizer Polarized Sunglasses
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