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It's midsummer in a blink of an eye. It is essential to prepare a pair of sunglasses for this season. In fact, there are many things to pay attention to when choosing sunglasses, both in terms of quality and style. Today, the glasses will teach you how to choose sunglasses to solve a big problem in summer! Why buy sunglasses? As we all know, sunglasses are artifacts of decoration, from the Beatles wearing Ray-Ban leading the sunglasses craze in the 1960s to now Celebrities use kaleidoscopic sunglasses to hold out the aura of the king of street photography. In terms of fashion, it is one of the indispensable items. But in the final analysis, the role of sunglasses is to block the sun, block ultraviolet rays, and protect your eyes. From what aspects to judge the quality of sunglasses? 1. First observe whether the lens has scratches, impurities, bubbles, stripes, and check the outer packaging of the sunglasses. The formal sunglasses should be marked with the name, color, diameter, quality level, name of the manufacturer, and Sunglasses with UVA, UVB, and CE marks on the mirror or tag can ensure a certain level of UV protection. 2. When buying sunglasses, try to see if you feel dizzy or headache. Nowadays, there are some prescription sunglasses for myopia on the market, but because the interpupillary distance and other indicators vary from person to person, it is best for consumers not to choose this kind of sunglasses if there is no professional guidance. 3. Hold the two corners of the sunglasses against the fluorescent lamp with your hand, and let the reflective strip of the mirror roll smoothly. If you find that the fluorescent lamp shadow reflected by the mirror is wavy or twisted, it proves that the lens is not flat. Such a mirror will damage your eyesight. From which ways to choose the style and color of sunglasses? In addition to matching the color of sunglasses according to their skin color, face shape, and wearing, they should also be selected according to the place of entry and exit. Generally speaking, black, brown, and gray filter effects are good; gray lenses can absorb any color spectrum in a balanced manner, and the scene seen after wearing the glasses will only darken without obvious chromatic aberration; brown lenses can filter out a lot Blue light can improve visual contrast and clarity, and is particularly effective when worn under severe air pollution or foggy conditions. The choice of shades of sunglasses: A simple self-test method is to wear sunglasses in front of the mirror, so that you can see your pupils as the limit. If the color is too light, the filtering effect is too small; if the color is too dark, it affects vision and weakens the color perception. This year’s popular colorful light-colored sunglasses, don’t use them for beach water activities, reflective snow, or under the sun with very strong sunlight. Instead, wear sports sunglasses. Most of them use bright, saturated colors that can absorb or Reflects more visible light. Finally, the editor reminds everyone that there are many brands of sunglasses on the market, with prices ranging from a dozen yuan to a few thousand yuan, but the quality varies from good to bad. Some wear dizziness, and some wear eyes pain for a long time. Sunglasses are best if you choose the ones that suit you. Don't be greedy for cheap. If you hurt your eyes, you will regret it. u003cbru003e
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