Autumn sunglasses shopping strategy

u003cbru003eAutumn has already come, and the sunlight is not as strong as the summer sunlight, so many people put down their guard against the harmful rays of the sun. In fact, the air in autumn is dry and thin, and the penetration of sunlight is stronger, and the damage to the eyes is no less than that in summer. Therefore, it is still necessary to wear sunglasses in autumn. Due to the different intensity of sunlight in autumn and summer, the focus of buying sunglasses is still different. 1. Buy sunglasses in autumn. Dark lenses are not recommended for sunglasses. Many people have this misunderstanding: The darker the sunglasses, the better the UV resistance. In fact, the shade of sunglasses is only related to the amount of visible light transmitted, and has nothing to do with the ability of ultraviolet rays. The UV resistance of sunglasses depends on the material of the lens. Since the intensity of autumn sunlight is not too high, sunglasses with light-colored lenses will be more suitable. 2. Buy sunglasses in autumn, and the anti-ultraviolet ability must reach the standard. Whether it is summer or autumn, the anti-ultraviolet performance of sunglasses is still a parameter that can not be ignored. As far as the current eyewear market is concerned, most of the sunglasses have a UV protection between 96% and 98%. Of course, we can't avoid the existence of some fake sunglasses, so when you buy sunglasses, the UV capacity must meet the standard. Glasses experts warmly remind you: Wear sunglasses for a long time, and you will experience vertigo and blurred vision after taking off the sunglasses. You can massage the eyes, nose, and sun stars to promote blood circulation and relieve discomfort.
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