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u003cbru003eWith the arrival of several rains, the hot summer is getting farther and farther away from us. In this waning autumn season, seasonal goods have already been placed on the shelves of shops, and those out of season goods are discounted and sold at low prices, especially the sunglasses that are commonly used in summer. At this time, some consumers began to prepare for the blazing sun next summer, buying sunglasses in advance. Due to the low price, many consumers are not careful when buying, and buy one they like at will. As everyone knows, the choice and color of sunglasses are also very important. Generally speaking, the color of sunglasses is not only related to skin tone, but also related to the function of protecting the eyes. From an optical point of view, I recommend the use of brown, gray and green sunglasses, because these color sunglasses have a significant effect on preventing ultraviolet rays, and from a visual point of view, they are not prone to large color deviations when viewing objects. At the same time Its color is also beautiful and avant-garde. According to the survey, many women prefer pink when choosing sunglasses and think that they will be more confident wearing pink sunglasses. However, from a professional point of view, pink sunglasses are similar to ordinary sunglasses in their ability to protect against harmful light such as ultraviolet rays. Eyewear experts warmly remind you that when choosing sunglasses, the color is only one of the factors. The main thing is the quality of the product. If you accidentally choose inferior sunglasses and wear such sunglasses for a long time, it will cause greater damage to your eyes. . Only by choosing the right sunglasses can everyone protect our eyes. The editor recommends a few sunglasses: Tom Ford sunglasses sunglasses 1104B7 green dolphin sunglasses 125C1 coffee fashion sunglasses
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