Four kinds of sunglasses cannot be worn easily

u003cbru003eSunglasses are fashionable, beautiful, and anti-radiation. These features make people like to wear sunglasses more. However, relevant experts point out that when choosing sunglasses, you must be careful. You can't just focus on the style, but ignore the quality of the sunglasses. Tell you that the following four types of unqualified sunglasses should not be worn: The first type is sunglasses with a false UV protection function. Good sunglasses lenses can block more than 99% of ultraviolet rays, and lenses marked with UV400 can block 100% (99.99%) of ultraviolet rays. Wearing sunglasses with poor UV protection can make the eyes look like in a dark room. At this time, the pupils will become larger, and the residual ultraviolet rays will be injected into the eyes in large quantities, causing damage to the eyes. Good to go to the specialty store to buy or buy in the well-known online store or flagship store. You must not buy enough from the small stalls. Although those sunglasses can also block ultraviolet rays, the lenses are not well-made, that is, they are substandard. Do not buy them because they are cheap. Inferior eyes can cause different degrees of damage to the eyes. Second, sunglasses with unqualified transmittance. After wearing this kind of sunglasses, it will produce traffic signal identification obstacles, which is very easy to cause traffic accidents. All sunglasses, including professional driving glasses, sports glasses, fishing glasses... (except for near-sighted glasses and reading glasses) The easy way to identify is to place the sunglasses in front of your eyes and observe distant objects through the lens, such as window frames or door frames Wait, and then move the glasses up and down back and forth, the target should not swing and wavy deformation. The third type, sunglasses without category identification. Sunglasses are generally divided into three categories, namely, sun-shading mirrors for sun protection, light-colored mirrors for decoration, and special mirrors for preventing snow blindness or water-proof plane radiation. Without product category identification, consumers cannot correctly identify the purpose of sunglasses when buying, which will affect the effect of use. The fourth type is sunglasses whose resistance performance does not meet the requirements. The lens is easily broken when impacted by an external force, and the fragments can cause fatal damage to human eyes. The frame material is also very important, generally there are plate, aluminum-magnesium alloy, and pure titanium. Different demand situations have different requirements for the sun. There are polarized sports mirrors, polarized driving mirrors, and polarized fishing glasses that are specially used for sports. When buying, you can ask about the professional use of sunglasses. Related Reading: Sunglasses Clips
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