How to choose children's sunglasses

u003cbru003eMany trendy mothers like to dress their children beautifully. They wear children's' target='_blank'>sunglasses when summer arrives. In fact, most of the children's sunglasses on the market are generally of poor quality. Wear such sunglasses for their children. Eyes are prone to fatigue. How to choose a child's sunglasses? Next, the editor will introduce the principles of choosing sunglasses for children. 1. For choosing the color of sunglasses, be sure not to choose lenses that are too dark and have poor light penetration. The color of the lens is yellow, followed by gray, and then brown. 2. When choosing sunglasses, parents must check to see if there is a degree in the lens. 3. The choice of glasses must be light and handy, it is not good to burden the small bridge of the child's nose. 4. The glasses frame must be smooth and strong, because the child is lively and active, so it is better to prevent the glasses from hurting the child. In addition, although sunglasses can protect the eyes from sun damage, for children under 6 years old, they can be worn in the sun. It is not recommended for children under 6 years old to wear sunglasses for a long time, as this is still harmful to children. of. Related Reading: Sunglasses and Sunglasses Brand
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