How to choose outdoor travel sunglasses

u003cbru003eSunglasses for travel is actually one of the important equipment. Sunglasses are actually very particular when choosing sunglasses. The price of sunglasses ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan or even thousands of yuan. Regardless of brand factors, how much difference is there in quality between various grades of sunglasses? ? Recommended reading: It happened after five hours of sun glasses...    First of all, we have to start with the use of sunglasses. Some people can't help but ask. Isn’t the sunglasses sun-proof? Indeed, this is just one of the important uses of sunglasses. In fact, sunglasses can be divided into three main uses. One type of use is for summer. Mainly to release the sun's ultraviolet rays and some glare. The second type of use is winter use. Especially in the snow, it is mainly to prevent snow blindness. The third type of use is when driving or cycling. Next, we will classify and talk about the differences in the selection of the three types of uses.  The first type of use is mainly summer use. Outdoors with strong sunlight, the sunglasses should focus on light weight, good ventilation, and moderate size. At this time, there are no special requirements for the frame material, plastic and metal materials are acceptable, and for the lens, it is best to choose a polarized lens, also called a polarizer, which is very effective in dealing with glare.   The second type of use is winter use. At this time, the lens mainly deals with the reflection of ultraviolet rays from the snow to prevent snow blindness. There is a difference between the reflected ultraviolet light of snow and the direct sunlight. Snow is diffuse reflection, so the light has no directionality. Therefore, at this time, you should choose large lenses as much as possible when choosing glasses, preferably lenses with side protective skins, to completely wrap the eyes as much as possible. And in winter, it is not suitable to choose glasses with metal frames, because when the temperature is particularly low, the metal may freeze the skin and peel off the skin. The third type of use is driving or cycling. At this time, there are three points to pay special attention to. The first is that the glasses should not be too large, and the ventilation should be good. Furthermore, the lens must be a polarized lens to prevent glare from the headlights of the opposite car, or strong reflection from metal or glass on the building. The third is that the lens color must be as light as possible, and the light transmission effect must be good. Can not obstruct the line of sight. Sunglasses selection should also pay attention to the following aspects. First of all, we must choose the eyes of the big brands and regular manufacturers. The eyes are very delicate and need special protection. The quality of spectacle lenses from small manufacturers is not good enough, there may be power or uneven refraction, which can easily cause vision loss. also. Be sure to choose sports brand sunglasses. The lens material should be made of resin. It is inevitable to knock and fall during sports. If the lens material is not good enough, it is easy to break the lens and damage the eyes after the fall. Sports eyes are designed with impact resistance factors in mind, so the lenses are specially strengthened. Outdoor eyes must first look at the brand, then the function, and finally the style. Protecting our eyes makes us play more happily. ??
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