How to choose sunglasses not to hurt your eyes

u003cbru003eSunglasses are now very common. Has become an indispensable part of people's fashion. So when choosing sunglasses, the choice of sunglasses is also very particular. You must choose sunglasses that do not hurt your eyes... How to choose sunglasses that do not hurt your eyes When choosing sunglasses, in addition to the requirements for their styles, many people also choose colors. There is often the idea that the darker the sunglasses, the better. But is this idea really scientific? According to reports, one of the main functions of sunglasses is to filter out ultraviolet rays. As long as the sunglasses are UV-treated, the UV index can reach between 96%% and 98%%, which means that even Light-colored sunglasses can achieve the same anti-ultraviolet effect as dark sunglasses after UV treatment. Therefore, the anti-ultraviolet function of sunglasses has nothing to do with its color depth. On the contrary, if you wear dark sunglasses for a long time, it will be difficult to see objects and fatigue easily. In addition, if you stay in a dark room for a long time, your pupils will be enlarged. If you wear dark sunglasses, the quality of the lens is not very good. After the pupils are enlarged, they will absorb more ultraviolet rays, which will damage your eyes more and may induce cataracts. Illness hurts the eyes. Learn how to choose sunglasses that do not hurt your eyes. How to choose sunglasses without hurting your eyes: Pay attention to the following two points: First, in the choice of color, it is better to choose yellow that filters blue light more thoroughly or gray that has little effect on color and brightness. Second, it is UV-resistant, because not all sunglasses can filter UV. 3. It is advisable to choose brown, gray or green sunglasses, and then see if they have UV protection. Pay attention to wearing sunglasses. The life span of sunglasses is generally 3 to 5 years. Consumers should replace them with new sunglasses in time.
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