How to distinguish the authenticity of Prada sunglasses

u003cbru003ePrada is an internationally renowned high-quality brand from Italy. Its products include clothing, shoes, perfumes, accessories, etc. It occupies a wide range and variety, and is the best choice for upper class people. Prada glasses are also popular classic items in the Prada brand. However, in recent years, some unscrupulous merchants have produced some fake Prada sunglasses. As consumers, how can we distinguish true from false when buying Prada glasses? Net experts remind you that you can judge according to the following: 1. Observe the material of the glasses: the real Prada sunglasses are made of injection molding, while the fake Prada sunglasses are made of sheet material, although the sheet material may look more textured. However, injection-molded sunglasses are lighter, more cool and eye-catching to wear, and their ability to prevent ultraviolet rays is also good. These are advantages that the sheet does not have. 2. Observe the workmanship of glasses: Of course, some illegal businesses will use injection-molded materials to counterfeit Prada glasses, but, after all, the abrasive tools and glasses they use are incomparable with the big brands. Therefore, by observing the workmanship of the glasses, you can also judge whether the purchased Prada sunglasses are genuine. 3 Observe the logo details of the glasses: The logo on the temples of the genuine Prada sunglasses will look clear and eye-catching, as if they are integrated with the temples. The counterfeit looks rough, suspended above the temples. 4. The packaging and accessories of the observation glasses: The genuine Prada sunglasses have the product code and color number on the temples, and the manufacturer's name and other related information are on the certificate, and the genuine sunglasses will be qualified as a distributor. Certificates and manufacturer's manuals, etc., be sure to look at these when purchasing. Glasses experts remind you: some manufacturers seize the consumer psychology of “expensive is good” to sell fakes. Therefore, when buying genuine sunglasses, you must go to a regular online store or physical store to buy them. cheat.
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