Inferior sunglasses do not prevent UV and damage vision

u003cbru003eAlthough the hot summer has not really arrived, there are already a lot of small vendors selling various sunglasses. Although various styles of sunglasses look fashionable, they can only protect against light but not ultraviolet rays. Wearing low-quality sunglasses for a long time can also cause dizziness and damage eyesight. Experts remind that wearing sunglasses must first meet the optical requirements, and then consider their decoration and fashion.   Recently, Ms. Wang bought a pair of trendy pink sunglasses from the Internet. After wearing it for a few days, she felt uncomfortable in her eyes. Three to five days later, her eye discomfort became more obvious, and she also had symptoms such as dizziness, watery eyes, and eyes that could not be opened...   Medical ophthalmologists said that wearing sunglasses in summer is mainly to block ultraviolet rays. Inferior sunglasses not only can not effectively block ultraviolet rays, but also It may cause more ultraviolet rays to irradiate the eyes and increase the burden on the eyes.   After the summer, the price of various kinds of sunglasses on various street vendors ranges from tens to 100 yuan. In addition, there are some online shops that specialize in sunglasses, some of them are fake brand-name sunglasses, the appearance is almost the same as the real one, but the price is much cheaper. When asked about the details of the glasses, online sellers said that there are two types of sunglasses: UV protection and light protection, but light protection is much cheaper. Professor Zhou Xingtao, deputy director of the Department of Ophthalmology at Fudan University’s Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, and a member of the Corneal Group of the Chinese Ophthalmology Association, and a member of the Optometry Group, said that about 450,000 new blind patients and 1.35 million low-vision patients are added every year in my country. problem. According to data released by the World Health Organization, as of December 2009, approximately 18 million people worldwide were blind due to cataracts, of which approximately 900,000 may be caused by ultraviolet radiation.   Fudan University Optometry Dr. Chen Zhi analyzed that with a pair of suitable glasses, not only the face shape must be met, but also the optical requirements. Ultraviolet light is an invisible light, and the damage to the eyes is not obvious. But the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes is cumulative and cannot be recovered. Experts remind that some protective measures should be taken in daily life. For example, the color changing lens can adjust the lens depth according to the intensity of ultraviolet light to reduce glare and protect the eyes to have healthy vision in different light environments.   In addition, it is necessary for citizens to undergo routine eye examinations every six months.
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