Inferior sunglasses in Zaozhuang are flooding, so be careful when you buy them

u003cbru003eRecently, the temperature has remained relatively high. The weather seems to be getting hotter and the sun and ultraviolet rays are also increasing. Sunglasses have gradually become a must-have for many citizens to go out, especially favored by young people. During the interview, the reporter found that low-quality sunglasses with considerable sales, with their advantages of low price and many styles, occupy a large share of the sunglasses market in Zaozhuang. On the afternoon of the 9th, the reporter found on the southwest side of the intersection of Junshan Road and Jiefang North Road, Shizhong District, that there were three stalls selling sunglasses less than 40 meters away. There are many styles of sunglasses on the booth, not only the styles that young people like, but also the styles specially designed for the elderly and children, and the prices are mostly between RMB 5 and RMB 25. When the reporter asked whether such sunglasses can protect against ultraviolet rays, a stall owner replied: “No problem, you can sell more than a dozen pairs every day.” In another stall, the reporter found that although some sunglasses do not have official labels and trademarks. , But the sales were good, and 3 deals were sold in less than 20 minutes. For this reason, eyeglasses and ophthalmologists remind the general public: 'When the light is strong, some young people, especially drivers, will choose to wear sunglasses, which can reduce the damage to the eyes of ultraviolet rays, but when buying sunglasses, you must go to a regular eyeglass store, and wear a lighter color. Sunglasses.” Inferior glasses have uneven lens texture, and some materials themselves are toxic. Light passing through the sunglasses into the eyes will make the eyes tired and uncomfortable. In addition, children should not wear sunglasses. When the light is strong, they can wear a hat with a brim to block the light. Nowadays, most of the sunglasses brands on the market are made for adults. Only a few well-known sunglasses brands such as Baosheng have specially designed sunglasses for children. You must be careful when purchasing and look for anti-counterfeiting signs.
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