Looking at the problems that the sunglasses market is facing

u003cbru003eEach industry will encounter some problems more or less in the development process, and some will even encounter a particularly difficult bottleneck period. There are also more or less thorny problems in the glasses.com/sunglasses-1.html' target='_blank'>sunglasses market. Today we will Let’s analyze the problems that the sunglasses market is facing.   Ray-Ban RB4242 Unisex Glasses Frame 710/73 Tortoiseshell 1. Product quality is uneven. There is a special coating on the high-quality sunglasses lens, which can block most of the ultraviolet rays and protect the eyes. However, the production technology and cost of this kind of lens are relatively high. Therefore, in order to pursue high profits, some unscrupulous manufacturers omit the coating step and only add paint to the lenses to change the color. They are shoddy and even sell 'three noes' products. Inferior glasses not only do not block ultraviolet rays, but instead enlarge the pupils of the wearer, and more ultraviolet rays penetrate into the eyes. If worn for a long time, it can cause vision damage, and even symptoms such as nausea, forgetfulness, and insomnia. Second, it is easy to fall into consumption misunderstandings. Sunglasses are a kind of vision health products to prevent the strong stimulation of the sun from causing damage to the human eyes. However, as the styles of sunglasses continue to be updated, coupled with the promotion of celebrity endorsement advertisements and celebrity wearing effects, sunglasses are gradually being regarded by consumers A fashion accessory that reflects personal style. Therefore, many consumers tend to fall into the misconception that they only pay attention to the color and style while ignoring the material, workmanship, and light transmittance of the glasses when buying sunglasses, so they buy inferior products and cause eye damage. 3. Consumption rights protection is more difficult. Due to the lack of awareness of some consumers to obtain purchase invoices, some merchants often do not actively provide sales receipts and invoices; some consumers do not pay attention to keeping the vouchers for purchasing sunglasses. Once the quality of the goods is defective, and consumption disputes occur, The lack of effective consumption evidence will make it more difficult for the consumer mediation department to obtain evidence, and the rights protection will easily fall into passiveness, resulting in the legitimate rights and interests of consumers often not being effectively protected.  Ray-Ban RB4125F Men's Sunglasses 901 Black Four, 'Famous Brand' phenomenon is prominent. In formal stores, the price of sunglasses from top international brands is very high, and the price is generally above 1,000 yuan, which is prohibitive. However, 'high imitation' and 'precision imitation' versions of this brand-name sunglasses are everywhere in roadside shops, and the price is much lower, ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan. Compared with genuine products, this kind of 'famous brand' products not only have obvious price advantages, and the appearance is not much different from the genuine ones, and even after wearing them, it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity and the fake ones, and they are enthusiastically sought after by many 'trend' consumers. But behind the low prices, not only the quality of such products cannot be compared with the genuine ones, but there are also problems such as poor craftsmanship and materials. The current problems encountered by the sunglasses industry are roughly the above points, so how should we deal with these problems? You can check the related article: How to solve the problems facing the sunglasses market. Related Reading: Sunglasses and Sunglasses Brand
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