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In this quite a mixed markets, it is easy to find metal sunglasses factories but hard to find one eligible for exports. Many small-scale factories are not strong enough to be equipped with advanced production machines and unqualified for exports, therefore, trading with them can be very risky even though they may provide a price lower than the average price in the market. Here are some characteristics of those factories qualified for exports. They have got licensed export certificates from international institutions. Moreover, they should have customs clearance certificates, documents such as the bill of lading, invoice, customs declaration, and copy of the export goods contract. Among those qualified exporters, Wenzhou Timeless Glasses is one option.
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Timeless is gradually taking the leading trend in the trade of quality sunglasses. Timeless's acetate sunglasses series include multiple types. Timeless clip-on eyeglasses has gone through various kinds of tests. These tests include rubber fatigue testing and materials testing (wear or mechanical properties). With the anti-dust structure, It is less likely to gather dust or impurities, hence, people do not have to clean it frequently.
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