Plastic sunglasses hurt eyes without sun protection

u003cbru003eThe temperature in Zhejiang has been above 40°C for four consecutive days. With this scorching hot weather and hot sunshine, it is really hard to hurt you without sunglasses when you go out. Good sunglasses can not only resist strong light, ultraviolet rays and protect the eyes, but also play a decorative and beautiful role. However, there are many low-quality plastic sunglasses on the market, which are always endangering people's eye health. Many low-priced sunglasses are 'three-nos' products. The Hanjiang Consumer Association recently visited major optical shops in the jurisdiction and found that there is a huge gap in the price of sunglasses, and nearly 30% of sunglasses have no quality assurance. Many sunglasses for sale are priced between 30 yuan and 100 yuan, and sunglasses with a slightly better style and quality are more than 200 yuan. In a jewelry store on Siwangting Road, a woman in her 30s bought a pair of sunglasses for 29.9 yuan. At the same time, I also bought a pair of children's sunglasses for the children around me. There are cartoon patterns on the frame, which is very foreign. 'My daughter likes this cartoon image. The glasses are bought as a toy. It doesn't matter whether they are useful or not, as long as the child likes them.' The lady said. The staff found that many low-priced sunglasses have only a small label with the price and bar code of the sunglasses. As for the brand, manufacturer, product material, and quality inspection certificate. Most of the products of RMB 20 or 30 at many small stalls do not even have labels or tags, and they are basically placed in a series of rotating glasses racks. When the investigator asked about the UV index of the sunglasses, the vendor said blankly, 'I don't know, they are all purchased from regular manufacturers, and the quality is definitely no problem. As long as you wear sunglasses, you can prevent UV rays.' Recommended reading : In summer, choose sunglasses with high-quality colors. Most of them are plastic lens experts. When choosing sunglasses, try not to choose the 'three no products' on the street, and pay more attention to their functionality rather than aesthetics when choosing sunglasses. 6069 Unisex Sunglasses C4 Blue Frame Gun Legs/Colorful Blue Sunglasses with more than ten yuan and a few hundred yuan. What is the difference? The main difference lies in the choice of lens material. Inferior sunglasses are mostly made of plastic lenses, which can neither prevent sun protection nor cause damage to the eyes. In addition, low-quality sunglasses are made rough, and often have problems such as excessive diopter, different lens thickness, uneven color, poor optical performance, etc. Long-term wearing can easily lead to blurred vision, headache, dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, etc., and serious Loss of vision, etc. In addition, inferior plastic sunglasses have poor UV protection. The darker lenses will enlarge the pupils after wearing them. At this time, the unblocked ultraviolet rays are more likely to damage the eyes, and even more harmful than not wearing sunglasses. Therefore, when we buy sunglasses, we must go to a regular eyeglass store. We must master the skills and methods of choosing sunglasses, so as not to be blinded by plastic sunglasses. Recommended Reading: Full Analysis of Selecting Sunglasses Related Reading: Choosing Sunglasses Material
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