Prepare your sunglasses and let's get the three rules of electric eyes

u003cbru003eA pair of talking electric eyes is more than just big eyes and double eyelids. If you want your eyes to be full of power, you must get the following key to develop electric eyes! When you get these rules, you might as well prepare a pair of' target='_blank'>sunglasses. What to do if you don’t have electric eyes, cover them with sunglasses, it will be more flavorful! ~Gucci GG1107/ F/S Unisex Sunglasses Black 263WJ The key one: whether the eyes are eye-shaped and eye-shaped. No matter how big the eyes are, but the eye shape is drooping, it will give people the impression of listlessness and sullenness. With age, the appearance of sagging skin will also change the shape of the eyes, and the corners of the eyes will change from slightly upward to drooping, which highlights the sense of aging. When applying makeup, use concealer to fill in the drooping position of the eye with darker pigment by sweeping upwards, which can improve the effect visually, but it will be beaten back to its original shape immediately after removing the makeup, so the skin around the eyes will be tightened. Massage can't be impossible! Key 2: The slightly raised eyelashes can make your eyes power up! Thick eyelashes can deepen the eyeliner position and make the eyes more concentrated, and the clearly raised eyelashes can make your eyes look like a deer. Many girls have neglected the importance of eye makeup remover. Choosing a water-oil mixed makeup remover that is mild in nature but has a repairing effect can reduce the strength and time of makeup removal and minimize the damage to eyelashes. Many eyelash growth repair liquids are oily, which makes the eyes feel greasy and uncomfortable after use. Using eye creams and cosmetics containing vitamin B and E ingredients can effectively strengthen the eyelashes and roots, while reducing shedding. The key three: the brightness of the skin around the eyes, dark circles and dullness around the eyes, make any makeup look a lot worse, and deepen the tiredness and feel gloomy. In addition, the common sense of the eyes and the pressure caused by looking at the electronic screen make the blood circulation around the eyes poor , Causing problems such as dark circles. Sun protection is absolutely indispensable in the hot summer, and of course the eyes cannot be ignored! Harmful rays in the sun may damage your skin, resulting in fine lines and spots, and also cause dark circles, so it is best to wear shade when you go out. Wear sunscreen products around the eyes and cap or sunglasses. Gucci GG3635/N/F/S Women's sunglasses with black outer and inner flower Z96HD five-step massage exercise to tighten the skin around the eyes Step1: First, prepare an eye cream suitable for your eye skin, and apply a certain distance around the eyes by applying dots. Apply it, so that the eye cream can fully contact the eye skin, and it can also prevent the eye skin from being dry and straining during the massage. Step2: Stick the middle finger and ring finger of the left and right hands to the bottom of the eye, and push up in the direction from the corner of the eye to the head of the eye. The force should be gentle, not to pull the eye skin, and keep the frequency of this action five times. Step3: Wait until the last time the finger pad is pushed up to the top of the eye, lightly press the middle finger pad on the upper eyelid, and the ring finger pad is below the eye area, and then think about the direction of the temple to do the lifting action . Note that both hands must maintain a uniform frequency. Step4: After finishing pushing up and pulling up, then use the tip of the middle finger and index finger to rub the temples, close the eyes, relax the eye skin, gently rub, and repeat 3 times for each of the left and right eyes. Step5: Finally, cover your hands together, rub your palms together, wait until your palms become warm, and then apply the warm palms to the eye skin for 1 minute, close your eyes, feel the temperature of your palms, and keep it 1 minute. Related Reading: Gucci Sunglasses Prada Sunglasses
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